How To Clean iPhone Charging Port

clean iphone charging port

No matter how reliable your charging port is, it still gets exposed to dirt, dust and junks. This makes it to be clogged and faulty. If your iPhone won’t charge, you can safely clean your charging port. Who knows? That might get it to start working perfectly fine. There are methods in cleaning your charging port, let’s discuss them:

How To Clean An iPhone Charging Port

Solution 1: Use Compressed Air

Do you already have a can of hot compressed air? Hold it closely to your charging port’s mouth, but not too close, don’t stick it inside. Press the can of compressed air gently and allow the air to pass into the charging port.

In the process of doing this, ensure you do not pass air with your mouth. It will only worsen the situation. After carefully passing compressed air into the port, wait for some seconds and plug your cable. If you are able to remove dust and dirt in the charging port, your device will work well.

Solution 2: Use a Toothpick

Flexible toothpicks can be used to clean your iPhone charging port. With your iPhone turned off, pick a toothpick, look for a bright environment, and then slightly use your toothpick to waggle around the charging port. Do not apply any pressure at first. If you find out the dirt won’t come out, apply the lightest pressure. Stay away from the sides of the charging port to keep the anchors safe. If eventually, you are able to pick out the dirt. Switch back to using compressed air. Test your cable and see that your iPhone is charging.

Solution 3: Contact Apple Support

Most people skip processes just to give their iPhone to a professional. It is advisable to visit the nearest Apple Store. In addition, experienced Apple technician will know how to clean the charging port with his/her available tools. You can also look for a repair shop around if you can’t locate any Apple store around. Moreover, Apple Store will clean your charging port without any expense.

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