How to fix Subway Surfers freezing issue

subway surfers freezing issue

Are you a fan of Subway Surfers game? It’s one of the best games established, popular among game lovers. Subway Surfers is a game that has to do with running as fast as you can, dodging being hit by trains. It also has some nice features like the skateboard, the bouncing shoes, shield protection and many others. However, some game lovers face difficulties in playing this game.

Freezing and lagging is one of the common issues faced by some Subway Surfers gamers. Instead of having fun playing, they get frustrated with the game’s performance. You don’t get to enjoy the game when going through freezing issue. Nevertheless, we will show you how to resolve Subway Surfers freezing and lagging issues.

Fix: Subway Surfer freezing issue

If you experience freezing problem when playing the Subway Surfers game. It may be as a result of technical issues. Nevertheless, there are tips to help you run Subway Surfers smoothly on your device/PC. Let’s look at some of them below.

Solution 1: Disable Screen Animation Screen

Screen animations makes your screen looks good. Nevertheless, it’s one of the reasons why Subway Surfers keeps lagging. If you want to enjoy playing the game smoothly, disabling animation screen running in the background is one of the steps to take.

Solution 2: Clear Application’s Cache

Subway Surfers might be undergoing freezing problem due to excess cache on the app. Clearing them should help the app to perform better. To clear the application’s cache, go to “Settings” > “application manager”, tap on Subway Surfers and look for the option “clear cache”. Completion of this process will help stop the freezing problem.

Solution 3: Download cleaning apps

Another reason for the freezing of Subway Surfers is due to too many apps running in backgrounds. Download app cleaners like automatic task killer, game booster and the likes. This helps to clear the background running apps and can stop the freezing issue.

Hope you find this helpful?

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