How to unjailbreak an iPhone [iOS 11]

unjailbreak an iphone

If you’ve finally decided to unjailbreak your iPhone, you can do that with the Backup and Restore feature of iTunes.  To unjailbreak your iPhone with this method, you’ll need:

  • Your iPhone (obviously)
  • A laptop (window or mac) with the iTunes app installed.
  • A USB cable

If you already have the above, then you’re all set to begin the unjailbreaking operation. Simply follow the tips below to unjailbreak your iPhone.

Unjailbreaking iPhone using iTunes Backup and Recovery feature

Unjailbreaking your iPhone using this process will usually restore your device to its original factory stock; as such you may want to back up your files before continuing with the operation.

How to back up your files

  • Connect the iPhone to your computer
  • Select your device from the options under the play controls
  • If this is the first time of connecting your iPhone to the iTunes app, a dialog box will come up on your screen asking you to confirm the connection. Click on the YES button to continue and then input your password.
  • Scroll to the backup section in the iTunes app on your laptop and click on the Backup now button.
  • Your files will be backed up within a few minutes. Note: iTunes will not backup your firmware, as such when you restore this backup after unjailbreaking, your device will not be jailbroken.

How to unjailbreak your iPhone

  • With your iPhone still connected to your computer, Press and hold the home and power button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds
  • Hold the home button for another 5 seconds until you see connect to iTunes, once this appears, you can let go of the home button.
  • The next step is to launch the iTunes app on your laptop
  • A dialog box will come up asking if you want to the app to make changes your device, click the YES button to continue
  • Once the app finishes loading, you should see a Check for Update button and also a Restore iPhone Button.
  • Click on the Restore iPhone button
  • Your iPhone will begin the restoration process and will take several minutes to complete. Note: your IOS will also be upgraded to the latest version during the restoration.
  • This unjailbreaking process restores the phone to its default settings as such all your data and settings will be wiped clean.
  • Once your phone has been fully restored, you can follow the prompt up screen to setup your device again

How to restore your backed up files

After completing the set up, you can restore your backed up files from the iTunes app on your laptop, by connecting your iPhone to it, and launching the iTunes app.

  • Go to the backup section again and click on the restore from backup button.

This will restore your previously backed up files.

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