The Developer of Pokémon Go, Niantic Is Suing Hackers

The developer of Pokémon and Harry Potter, Niantic, is going to court. The company is suing Global ++, a company which is distributing hacked versions of its games; the most known one is Pokémon Go. The Pokémon Go developer is saying that Global ++ is a group of hackers that are modifying the versions of Pokémon Go in a way that is fooling the GPS and the location data.

What Is the Story Behind?

For a while, some apps called PokeGo++ and Ingress++ are available on the market, and for the Wizards Unite is Potter++ who is still on the work. The problem with these apps is that the altered games are available for players from unsupported locations, or to the players from rural areas with little traffic. So Niantic’s games are now possible to play everywhere.

Because of that, the company is seeking an injunction to the apps, which means that they will be removed from the market. Also, the whole idea is to prevent Global ++ from taking action and reverse-engineering its code. Niantic and its efforts are going well so far because the Pokémon Go Hub is reporting that the Global ++ is shutting down rapidly. This result is positive and good for the developer of Pokémon Go, of course.

Finally, the official site of these apps, such as official Discord servers, is now offline, and they released an official statement. From the Discord servers, you can read that the company is announcing with great sadness that they will have to shut down in conformity with the legal obligations. They are adding that the ride was a fun one for the entire community, and the memories made are unbelievable. The people who had the chance to be introduced to Pokémon Go will always be close to heart, and they are happy that this change was possible.

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