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How to rate and review apps on the app stores?

App Store Optimization or popularly known as ASO, have created quite a stir today. App Store Optimization is mainly the process of improving the rank and the chances of discoverability of any application in the app store. The method is quite simple; the higher the app rank in the store’s search result, the more it will be visible to the users.

App Store Optimization involves the regular adjustments and updating the app pages on the stores in order to make sure that its ranking is as high as possible, and people are able to view them more often.

Importance of App Store Optimization

Every app stores have about more than 2 million applications, and getting them by the correct user among the huge competition is one of the biggest problems. A basic app store search helps about 67% of the application downloads, which makes the searching for the application in the stores the normal method of downloading any new apps.

Improper optimization of the app store page will not show you the relevant searches which can result in the closing of hundreds and thousands of download due to this. Investing a little time in updating the app store will help you in receiving the benefits in the long run.

Methods of rating and reviewing the app on the app store

Just like the Search Engine Optimization or SEO is meant for the webpage. Similarly, the App Store Optimization or ASO is meant for improving and updating the searchability and visibility of the application in the app store. Today the mobile app store has every kind of applications to meet your daily needs and requirements be it for entertainment, scheduling, traveling, and almost for every purpose.

With the increase in applications available for download, the probability of finding any application gradually decreases. It is important for an app developer to know the basic dos and don’ts of app visibility, and here is the place where the functionality of App Store Optimization becomes active.

The App Store Optimization targets to develop the applications conversion rate. It is another way of depicting that you want more people to download the application after viewing the list. The main component of developing the App Store Optimization is the ratings and reviews of the user.

The concept of user ratings and reviews has changed so far, depending on how you shop, learn, and book travel and everything else. The AppRadar helps in finding out that about 59% of people check ratings and reviews before they go for downloading it. Both in iTunes and Google Play Store first comes the information which is basically the name of the application, the icon, and the ratings. The rating of the application is the primary things which a user will check before deciding whether to download the app or not. Designing a perfect app store page will help in getting featured in the app stores.

The reviews are not just for those who are downloading the application. The most important benefit of ratings and reviews are it helps both the user and the developer of the application. Every new user gets an idea of the application, its use, layout, and other pros on reading the reviews and ratings. For the app developers, review and ratings act as an excellent tool for deciding whether the app is user-friendly or not, searching and fixing the bugs.

There are various ways of reviewing and the rating the applications in the play store:


One of the best ways to upgrade the review numbers is by rephrasing your request. Instead of begging for ratings and review, you can simply ask whether the user is enjoying the application. In case you want a positive response, you can directly ask for a review on the spot, or you can redirect the page from their app as well.

If in case the user has any negative response, you can redirect them to the feedback or quick contact form. In this way, the users who are not happy with the performance of the application will be free to address their issues directly to you rather than commenting on the review page directly. Additionally, it will show that you, as a developer, are eager to know about the issues which the users will definitely appreciate.

Easy Access:

The customers are an important part, even on digital platforms. Every user must have easy access to contact you in case they face any problem. One of the best solutions for easy-to-access is an inbuilt customer support button or even a drop-down menu link. From this link, the page can redirect to the feedback form, email, and other ways of contacting the customers where they can report the problem of bugs and even ask questions as per their needs.

Depending upon the will of the customer, they can easily get their problem fixed without running to the review boards to take out their anger on issues with the application they are using.

Quick Response:

The most powerful indication that you want your customers to be satisfied with the applications they are using is Dialog. The best way is to keep track of the reviews and directly give an answer to the questions. A positive review also gets benefitted from just a simple thanksgiving. If you do not have too much time to focus on organic reviews, then you can also buy app reviews for your android app from active communities. Your app reviews is one of the most important ranking factor when it comes to App Store Optimization.

If you display that you actively take part with your current as well as potential users’ not just increases the amount of integrity, but it also assures the customers from within that their issues soon will be resolved. Many times, you will definitely receive some negative comments, always try to reply back to them too. Mention that you are sorry about facing issues and negative experience. Also, do ask them to contact you and get their problem solved immediately. If an unhappy customer still doesn’t respond, then the review readers will definitely look out to your efforts and will try to solve the issues.

Hence following this process, diligently will help in proper rating and reviewing the applications in any app store.

By Henry R. Lares

Henry Lares is still early into his career as tech reporter but has already had his work published in many major publications including Tech Crunch and the Huffington Post.  In regards to academics, Henry earned an engineering degree from Apex Technical School. Henry has a passion for emerging technology and covers upcoming products and breakthroughs in science and tech.

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