Grand Theft Auto 6 New Leaks – Attention PlayStation and Xbox Gamers

Rockstar Games will announce the GTA 6 release date before it will come to Xbox and PlayStation platforms. This means that the fans will have to wait for a little until they play the game, unfortunately. Bu the good news is coming, because Take-Two Interactive, the parent company says that they want to speed up the process of launching the future games. From there we can be sure that GTA 6 will be up sooner than we thought.

GTA 6 Release Date

Even if Rockstar isn’t saying a word about the GTA 6, the rumors are suggesting that the game will be released on the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles. We know that right now, Rockstar is focusing on other significant projects for the next year – Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA Online. The two titles will come in 2020 on the current console generation, which means that GTA 6 will not come on PS4 and Xbox One.

Also, what we can conclude from various reports is that Rockstar is working very hard on an ambitious new game, more significant than before. If this is true, GTA 6 will be too big for PS4 and Xbox One. The release date of GTA 6 is still on our minds, and we can find some information from Take-Two if Rockstar isn’t saying a word. The update offered by Take-Two is regarding the future launch strategy.

Besides this, we have details from Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of, who says that he doesn’t think that some specific titles will expand much more in the future. Zelnick believes that everything will compress. The creators are taking time to do the best work for the game industry, to give consumers what they want, and that is leading to anticipation for future games.

Finally, we still don’t have an official indication about the release date of the next GTA game in the franchise, so fans will yet have to wait. We now have a bigger hope that Rockstar is doing all that is possible to speed up the process of development. GTA 6 will roll out on the future consoles such as PS5 and Project Scarlett, and even on Google Stadia, for sure.

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