Changing Your Skype Username Has Never Been Easier

Skype is one of the most trustworthy apps out there. Many people remained loyal to the chatting app. And we fully understand them, they have fun experiences, and they are pleased with the quality of the app. However, not many know how to handle it properly. For example, many don’t know how to change the username on this app. We come with answers.

From PC

Whether you’re using Mac or Windows, you only need to have the Skype desktop app on your computer. First, you need to open the app. Then, click on your profile picture or your username. They are both placed in the top-left corner. From there, you will see a section called “Manage,” look for the Skype profile option and go there. You will see your username and your profile picture. Next, to them, there’s a pencil icon on the right side. Click on it. Now, all you need to do is to enter your new username and then save it.

From your phone

To change it from your phone, first, you need to open the app. Then, your profile picture is placed in the middle of the screen. Click on it. After doing so, you will get a profile management section. You need to look for the “Skype Profile” option, then tap on it. Then, you’ll see a username and a pencil right next to it. Tap on the pencil to change your username, add a new one, then save.

From Web

To change it from the Web, you need to sign-in to your Skype account from the website. Your name will appear on the top right of the screen. Get your mouse pointer on it, and then you’ll see a drop-down menu. Go to My Account, and then scroll down on the page and look for the contact details. There will be an Edit Profile option – tap on it. In the text box that says name, enter the new name, then click on the Save button. Then all you need to do is to press ok for confirmation.

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