3 Multimillionaire Concierge Stories with an Epic Twist

The world’s leading football players head to the four corners of the Earth when they jet off on their summer holidays. And wherever they go, they expect the very best. For those who work in the exclusive corner of the travel industry dedicated to meeting the needs of superstar footballers, it is a case of sparing no expense

Traditional concierge services have evolved over time, but never like in recent years. In the not so distant past, the typical audience for concierge services was old-money families, with strong ties to a certain country, who simply wanted the same level of service when traveling abroad. The extraordinary multimillionaires of the present day have something different in mind, and concierge services companies are quick to adapt, providing the means and connections to make the impossible happen.


A guest hosted by Only Good Vibes concierge landing in Mykonos

The concierge at your service in the least expected destinations

Today’s young and wealthy are more demanding and open to adventures. They love extraordinary experiences, and no location is out of bounds. Regev Shayak, founder and CEO of Only Good Vibes concierge services, has noticed the change. “We’ve take millionaires to destinations like Ibiza, Mykonos, Koh-Phangan, Kiev and Tulum. Such places would not by on a concierge agency’s map only ten years ago.”

Members card, Only Good Vibes concierge services

But the exotic location is only half the story. Regev explains how on a sailing trip, one of the guests insisted that we book only specific DJs. The problem was that the DJs were booked for the entire year, and certainly had no time to play on a megayacht in the middle of the Mediterranean. But at Only Good Vibes, they don’t take ‘No’ for an answer. “After much creative persuasion”, Regev continues, “the three celebrity DJs were flown across the world on the date and time that out client requested.”

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Regev Shayak, founder and CEO, Only Good Vibes

Moving along the gray area for Vegas high rollers

A lot of questions arise when it comes to drugs, women, gambling and similar activities that are illicit in certain countries. Maneuvering in the gray area to meet client demands might be tricky; but it’s a skill host such as Kevin Sherman from Let Loose Vegas must possess in order to keep everyone happy. There is always a right way to do the wrong thing, Kevin claims. So when it comes to drugs, for example, Kevin lets his clients know they are on their own.

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Concierge style hosting for the superstars

Superstars, the mega-rich and famous football players and the like, are in a category of their own when it comes to luxury concierge, according to Johnny Vegas, founder of luxury lifestyle concierge firm Kloudout. From the best car to the best plane or yacht, superstars insist on nothing but the best for themselves and their guests, sparing no expense. Special privacy concerns must be addressed, with access to and from the exclusive resort or villa without the notice of any curious bystanders.

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Johnny Vegas with Ryan Babel

Concierge services are no longer what they use to be, ever adapting to host in faraway locations, to meet the outlandish demands on modern-day millionaires who see no limits in what they money can buy.

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