Apex Legends Solo Mode Available with New Dev Tracker and PC SXGI Crash Fix

EA’s great title, Apex Legends, will receive a highly expected update sometime this week. The latest optimization will detail a few of the new things that will appear for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during Season 2.

The brand new mode will be available for a restricted period and will not be accessible on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC today. However, Apex Legends Solo Mode will roll out the following week, more precisely, on August the 13th.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind the popular title, has recently hinted in an announcement that more details will be soon made public. Season 2 of the franchise has been worked on for a while now and started with the implementation of the new character, Wattson.

There have also been clues that a new Apex Legends​ character is being developed and will be unveiled sometime this year.

Respawn has revealed an update on what is happening behind the scenes but has not come with a schedule on when the next patch might be released. Here are the latest details provided by the game studio.

Dev Tracker

A client and server tracker are scheduled to be used in an upcoming client patch that fits in the ongoing work to address code:leaf, code:net, and so on.

PC SXGI Crash Fix

Respawn Entertainment has been conducting some investigations on the PC crashes with the DXGI-ERROR-DEVICE-REMOVED error​. This issue is among the most commonly experienced errors, which results in crashes. The game studio managed to give players who are affected by this issue a workaround.

PlayStation Plus Exclusive Skins

PlayStation Plus subscribers now have available new rare skins for Caustic and Wraith. The skins will unlock automatically when you log into the game. If it happens that you don’t see it, you can redeem in the PSN Store.

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