Teamfight Tactics New Patch Available from Riot

In recent years the success of a particular mod or game modeled to the appearance of new video games genres.  For example, the popularity of League of Legends and Dota 2 encouraged many developers and publishers to release MOBA games. Overwatch sparked the hero shooter genre while PUBG ushered the era of the battle royale.

Earlier in 2019, a new mod started to become popular among Dota 2 players. The mod, which is known as Auto Chess, pits eight players in a strategic turn-based battle inspired by chess. With the popularity of 8 million players in less than six months after release, the mod led to the appearance of the auto battler genre.

Riot saw the potential of the new genre and decided to create and release their take on the genre. Teamfight Tactics was released as a secondary mode included within the League of Legends client. It features missions and objectives along with normal and ranked queues, allowing players to compete with the aim of remaining the last one standing.

As expected, the model is a bit less complicated than the competition, but it manages to retain many of the elements which made Auto Chess a hit among fans. Players will choose a starting champion and built their team over time, creating a solid party which can take down even the most ferocious threats.

The latest Teamfight Tactics version is now available, and it adds a few changes to the games. It is not as big as other updates, but there are some modifications which could alter the efficiency of specific team compositions.

The stats of a few champions have been adjusted as Elise, and Veigar received a boost while Karthus, Kayle, Pyke, and Rengar have been nerfed. A few items were also nerfed, including the Guardian Angel,  and Morellonomicon.  A selection of bug fixes was also implemented, improving the gameplay experience.

The full changelog is available on the official website.

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