Capcom working on Resident Evil 8 for next-gen consoles

Console users from both Playstation and Xbox might get a sneak peek at some new games. Everybody is wondering what titles will appear on next year’s launch for the two consoles. With some games being rumored or actually confirmed to delay or accelerate their development to coincide with the late 2020 launch of the consoles.

Resident Evil 8 and next-gen consoles

Capcom might just be developing one such game for next year. It’s the next installment in the Resident Evil series that currently has 7 games in total. Resident Evil 8 may see a joint launch with the Xbox Scarlett and the PS5.

Call to action for Resident Evil Ambassadors

The evidence for this move comes from a letter to Resident Evil ambassadors in the US and Japan. The letter basically greets the game ambassador and thanks to them for their continued support of the franchise. It then continues to call out for game testers from the Resident Evil ambassador community. What a nice job that must be…

The new Resident Evil game will have testing phases that will probably be held on a closed-circuit system for the time being. But there may be community test events sooner or later. The sessions have been confirmed to take place in New York and LA next month, in September. No word on Europe sessions so far.

What to expect with Resident Evil 8?

The game will probably have a cross-platform launch, seeing that it’s in the early stages of development. Microsoft and Sony will have backward compatibility on all their consoles, so games that are made for the next-gen toys will work on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Expect more information on the progress of Resident Evil 8 after the first couple of test events in late September. The next-gen platforms will probably come in late 2020, around the holiday season. So if the game is being developed for a joint launch, you can expect to play it around that time as well.

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