Minecraft will be given a Visual Facelift with Ray-Traced Graphics

Minecraft players are in for a surprise as Mojang is collaborating with Nvidia to create better and more beautiful visuals for the game. The companies have announced that they will put into effect real-time ray-tracing in a next and, more importantly, free, update. It is worth mentioning that the update will be available for Windows 10 and the computers will necessitate special graphics for this update to work. Also, Mojang announced that the update will be available next year.

How will ray-tracing transform Minecraft?

Ray-tracing graphics is a feature that has started to be used by game developers in recent times.

GeForce RTX is going to change Minecraft in such a way that it will be revolutionary. Everything in the game will have a highlight, a reflection. For example, the gold will shine aan the light will fall softly on the ground. The graphics will be better and visually pleasing.

Here are some examples of ray-tracing graphics that are going to be implemented:

  • Light from the sun and other lightning fittings, but also materials that can produce a glow, such as lava and glowstone.
  • Genuine soft and hard shadows depending on the source of light.
  • Per-pixel emissive lighting.
  • Indirect diffuse and spectacular illumination.
  • Water, ice and other materials that have reflective characteristics will be able to reflect or have refraction.
  • Atmospheric scattering and density (fog, light shafts and realistic sky.

It is worth mentioning that the Super Duper Graphics Pack that was an announced by the game developing company Mojang in 2017 was canceled as if proved way too troublesome from a technical point of view. The graphics pack was supposed to contain some of the features the GeForce RTX is going to have, such as fog, new textures and lighting among others.

In light of the recent news, most likely that players can hardly wait for the new graphics, regardless of the fact that their PC will require an RTX card to support ray-tracing.

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