Google Maps on Android Auto Available with New Changes

We all use Google Maps when we are traveling when we are driving in the comfort of our car or just by foot, trying to discover new places and reach a certain destination.

We have written this article because we have some great news for you. Google Maps in Android Auto has introduced some new buttons that will help you when you’re on the route. Keep reading if you want to find all the details about it.

The changes made by Google

The Android Auto’s comprehensive overhaul happened recently. Google was working really hard on improving the interface and the system.

What we heard recently is that the navigation UI will receive some new buttons and we think that they will actually be very helpful.

The new buttons

It seems like one of the new buttons will be for alternative routes and a lot of people were happy to hear this news.

The Google service provided us only with the settings button that was placed on the bottom left of the screen. We obviously needed more options and it looks like Google was ready to make some improvements.

Now, let’s get to the point. Google introduced four more buttons and we want to tell you more about them.

We already mentioned the first new button that will be for alternative routes. We are very excited about it and we think that it’s a great option for the navigation system.

The other three are the search button, the destination button and one for the menu, a three-dot menu to be more specific.

While most of us received the new buttons very well, other people are not so happy about them. They think that the screen is blocked by them. There will always be mixed opinions about it, but as long as the company is working on improving the system, we all have something to gain from it.

That’s all we have for you. Stay tuned for more updates.

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