Shenmue 4 Leaks – What We Know So Far?

After Shenmue 3 managed to score the most successful Kickstarter campaign in gaming history, Yu Suzuki announced that, if this title is going to do well on the market, the company might be thinking on creating the next sequel of the series, Shenmue 4.

The third title in the Shenmue video game series hasn’t even made an appearance on the market, and Suzuki is already planning the next one. Fans of the Shenmue series are thrilled now more than ever, with the third version of the game coming out in just a few months.

Some time ago, Suzuki declared that he believes Ryo’s story will require a great amount of work and dedication to be complete. Even now, the plot is only 40% complete.

VGC interviewed Suzuki about future plans for the series. When asked about a future Shenmue 4 Suzuki made some interesting statements. First, he said that, in his vision, the fourth chapter depends on two factors, which are the response of the public to Shenmue 3 and the team’s ability to create partnerships.

A good market for Shenmue 3 will make things clear for the developers and will make the development of the next sequel much more realistic.

Suzuki added that the future of the series also depends on the kind of partners the company will acquire along the way. He said: “If Shenmue 3 will sell well – he said – this will make things easier [with Shenmue 4]. But I think it will depend more on what kind of partner we will be able to guarantee.”

Of course, the release of the fourth chapter of Shenmue is still hypothetical. Until we have more clear information, we should focus on the release of Shenmue 3, which will launch on PC and PS4 in the fall, on November 19th.

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