Questions Should ask before Hiring a Financial Planner

It can be challenging to hire a professional planner. After all, your planner will know about your finances and help you make huge decisions about financial planning in Saddle River. Therefore, you need somebody to communicate consistently and clearly with you.

The professional should also understand your future goals and help you make prudent decisions that will ultimately compound in value.

When choosing a planner, you’re selecting more than somebody you hope can give you a return on your money. A reputable financial planner won’t merely discuss the latest financial predictions or go through quarterly returns. They’ll get into deeper issues such as personal values and deeply-held fears. If you’re contemplating these services, here’s a list of questions you should ask.

Are you 100% fiduciary?

This is one of the most significant questions to ask when hiring a financial planner. Unfortunately, not all planners will place your best interest first. Only those who are fiduciaries should act in your best interest. A fiduciary is an expert entrusted to provide advice and planning or manage wealth or assets while putting your interests first always.

Planners or advisors who adhere to a fiduciary standard should reveal any conflict or possible conflict to clients during and before the engagement. Additionally, fiduciaries adopt an ethics code and disclose how they receive compensation. Beware that non-fiduciary professionals can propose products whose sales produce commissions, bonuses, or prizes.

How do you receive payment?

Another important question to ask planners about financial planning Saddle River is how they’ll receive compensation. This could make all the difference in the proposals the planner makes for you. That’s because some planners follow a standard whereby only their recommendations to suit your specific situation.

Other planners, however, follow a fiduciary that needs advisors to consider your best interest. Financial planners receive compensation in one of three ways: commission-based model, commission and fee model, fee-only model.

Commission-based model

This kind of planner receives a commission for selling or recommending certain investments or other products. Most of the time, you might not notice the commission because it’s embedded in a product unless the advisor discloses the amount.

Fee-based model

A fee-based planner can obtain fees or commissions from you. Typically, there’ll be an agreed-upon proportion of managed assets that will be deducted out of the accounts the advisor manages.


A fee-only advisor or planner only receives compensation from the client instead of third-party commissions or any kickbacks. The precise means of compensation differs with every advisor, from subscriptions or retainer to hourly.

Why You Need a Financial Plan

Clear Goals

Sitting down with financial planning in Saddle River will make you ponder over what you wish to attain with your money. Moreover, a planner will examine your overall objectives and help you develop a realistic, attainable plan to make them a reality.

Regular Reviews

Whether you’re the kind who keeps a close eye on investments or would rather invest and forget, taking professional advice implies that you’ll have yearly reviews to track your finances and progress. There are two benefits here: it permits you to tailor your plan as your needs and situation change, and it refocuses your mind on whatever you’re trying to accomplish and permits you to make adjustments if you feel you aren’t on the right course.

Product Knowledge

There are numerous pension and investment solutions, each with its rules and nuanced complexities. A planner will conduct the time-consuming research and narrow down the most appropriate solutions.

If you’re looking to plan your finances for the future, you’re better off hiring a financial planner.

After narrowing down your list of potential financial planners, the next step is to do a background check on the candidates. Get their written consent, and hire a third-party checker to get access to their complete criminal record. Your chosen financial planner will know about all your assets and help you manage them; thus, it’s crucial that you vet their character thoroughly to protect your wealth.

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