Gaming will Rank among the Top 10 Teams in the FNCS

Epic Games is an American software and video game development firm whose headquarters are in Cary, North Carolina. Tim Sweeney founded it in 1991 as Potomac Computer Systems. It introduced a trio format in competitive Fortnite at Season X. But, many gamers who wager at Betway88 aren’t aware of the top teams in the Fortnite Championship Series. Here is a breakdown of the FNCS finals.

NA West

Liquid Cented, rehx, and FLY Edgey competed under Mazer Mongraal, Mazer Bugha, and Mazer Tfue. The NA West area was underestimated last year since the first week of the Fortnite Championship Series. The team had results of 1st, 12th, 2nd and 1st. It is the best NA West team now. Cented, rehx, and Edgey finished the last championship in second place with 400 points.

NA East

STRETCH, TS clarityG, and SEN Bugha were the best in the NA East region. Bugha chose STRETCH and clarity after deciding to live stream the qualifiers. Many gamers who play video games at Betway88 expected Bugha to pick SEN Animal and SEN Aspect. But, the trio got 4th, 6th, 2nd, 5th, and 3rd results. The second team comprised SEN Aspect, SEN Animal and Envy Bucke. It amassed 1425 points in the championship.


Oceania had two top teams. The first trio was made up of worthy, Link and Gooboz. They led the weekly leaderboards in the qualifiers. The trio got 3rd, 3rd, 1st, 1st, and 5th results. They had more control over Oceania compared to other teams. Besides, many gamers wanted them to win the Oceania FNCS finals. The second trio comprised volx,x2Twins Jesse and x2Twins Jordan. They got 1st, 1st, 7th, 2nd, and 1st results during the five weeks.


1 STAN Peterpan, T1 Sexyboy, FaxF0x, and OPGG were the top team in Asia during the qualifying period. They amassed 1775 points and defeated the second team by less than 30 points. The team got 12th, 7th, 1st, 2nd and 4th results in the qualifications. The second-place trio comprised WGS Qoo, WGS Horde and WGS Jag. They got 3rd, 1st, 10th, 3rd and 8th results. Any of these trios had an equal opportunity to win the Asian FNCS.


NRG benjyfishy,mitr0 and FaZe Mongraal led the European region. They defeated all teams they faced during the five weeks qualification period. The team has excellent communication and an amazing command and high ground end game. They got 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd and 1st results in the qualifiers. The second-place trio comprised Kaxie, hREDS BELAEU, and G2 Tohaj. Kaxie, BELAFU, and Tohaj received 38th, 4th, 3rd, 5th and 4th results.

Middle East

POWER Nm7, POWER Yonx, and POWER FHD were the best team in the Middle East. They got 4th, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th results in the qualifications and were 400 points ahead of the second team. Consistency was crucial in the qualifiers.


Phenom, Tox,xOwN, and k1ng were the top team in brazil. Many Fortnite fans remember k1ng for his amazing performance in the Fortnite World Cup. The team received 5th, 7th, 1st, 11th, and 5th results.

Esports teams from NA West, NA East, Brazil, Oceania, Asia, Middle East, and Europe competed in different heats in the Fortnite Championship Series. The heats started on September 20, 2019. Epic Games provides detailed information about each team. Also, each region crowns its champion on the last day of FNCS. Gamers can play different video games at Betway88.

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