Hop Into the New ‘Survivor Legacy’ Game and Save the World from Extinction

The world has to deal with a huge threat, and it’s only up to you to bring peace back once again. Only in a video game, but you never know when such a scenario becomes a reality. ‘Survivor Legacy‘ is a new video game developed by GameHollywood and co-released by R2games this February. The game promises tons of exciting gameplay.

‘Survivor Legacy’ includes many spooky and dangerous characters, and you can play as a sniper, grenadier, mad scientist, and many more. You were sent away from the planet to bring back useful resources, but the alarm was raised about a terrifying danger threatening the life on Earth. Your mission is to save our planet from the danger of extinction. Simple!

The characters

The characters of this game are all pretty diversified. From deadly talking skeleton to a girl using a chainsaw and covering her eyes, the characters of Survivor Legacy are assuring tons of hours of fun gameplay. Let’s take a good look at what a few of the characters are capable of:

The Destroyer Sally

Class: A

Type: Commando

She may be a woman and her name may sound innocent, but her minigun is deadly beyond belief and she isn’t afraid of using it. Sally will provide constant fire support to her allies.

Name: Tycoon


Class: S

Type: Commando

This one is practically a cyborg. Being a former president of an international corporation, he found a good way to become stronger by creating a high-tech mechanical suit.

Barbie The Trickster

Class: S

Type: Vanguard

If you like the Joker from the famous Batman movies, then you’re definitely going to love Barbie. He likes to dress as a circus clown and may look pathetic, but he can have a very powerful ace down his sleeve. Beware!

Antonio The Gladiator

Class: A

Type: Commando

This is exactly the type of guy you should always be afraid to upset. He won’t hesitate to use his heavy and destructive hammer when he needs to.

Steve, The Master of Rifle

Class: B

Type: Commando

His name may be common among people, but his ways of reckoning are extremely savage. This dude carries a lot of guns, and he’s an expert in playing with all of them.

Hawk The Pivotal Shooter

Class: A

Type: Sniper

There are plenty of snipers in this game, even girls. But Hawk is a survival specialist who knows how to camouflage and maneuver the crossbow very efficiently. You might have already guessed that his way of saying ‘Hello!’ is not too orthodox.

Kentus, the King of Club

Class: S

Type: Commando

Did you think that ‘Survivor Legacy’ characters cannot be more dangerous than the previous mentioned ones? Well, think again, because Kentus is a tall, muscular, armored badass with a huge bat and blood stains all over him. You don’t have to learn at Oxford to figure out how he got them.

Mei, The Master of Arms

Class: A

Type: Grenadier

Mei isn’t called the master of weapons for nothing. She isn’t afraid of also using any kind of melee weapons in battles. You can just hop into the game to convince yourself.

Angie, The Field Medic

Class: A

Type: Vanguard

Girls are without a doubt, very important in this game. From a zombie infection to a regular fever, Angie can cure almost every disease in the world. She’s the almighty doctor, and she works for the Shelter.

Nicolas The Ignition

Class: S

Type: Grenadier

As his name itself suggests and judging by the appearance, you can guess that this guy doesn’t like to sleep while hugging a teddy bear. He uses grenades and other tricks to spread fire onto his enemies. He doesn’t forgive and doesn’t forget.

Remember that Survivor Legacy has a lot more to offer when it comes to the characters in particular and gameplay in general. And first of all, what can possibly be more exciting than saving our beloved Earth from a huge danger?

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