iOS 14: Leaks, Release Date And More

The following iOS version should be unveiled at the beginning of this summer, and it will come pre-installed on the iPhone 12.

What To Expect From iOS 14?

Some details about iOS 14 have begun spreading online months before a beta version of the operating system will arrive, including enhanced multitasking features, and the ability to pick your default apps.

Even though we don’t expect to see any official news about iOS 14 until June, we can look at Apple’s record of iOS updates to make some predictions regarding release dates, compatibility, and more.

Release Date

Apple doesn’t reveal release plans in advance of any product announcement, and it’s the same with iOS updates.

However, Apple follows a repetitive pattern for introducing iOS updates, and it’s expected to see the launch of iOS 14 fit straight into that pattern.

Therefore, a public release of iOS 14 will probably happen sometime between Apple’s fall iPhone announcement and the day sales of the upcoming phones begin.


iOS 14 will introduce a new multitasking interface that will boost productivity and the ease of access.

Up to four open apps will be displayed at once.

Also, Apple will embed AR support to anticipate the launch of its AR headset and make it suitable for use from day one.

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