List Of Businesses Which Can Highly Benefit From A Social Media Boost

Social media is one of the most accessible forms of marketing tools available to any business today. Studies have shown that a large majority of consumers trust brands they follow on social media platforms and are more likely to do business with them. In fact, social media recommendations serve as a quick word of mouth for any business open to customer review.

Despite its popularity in recent years, less than half the businesses around the world use social media as an effective tool. The technology sector has warmed up to it, but others are still waiting with one foot in the door. However, there are quite a few businesses that can benefit from a social media boost.

8 Businesses In The Need Of A Social Media Boost

1. Real Estate – Real estate is usually the first market to boom in a progressive economy and the first one to take the brunt as the economy collapses. In each of those instances, however, it needs to reach its core buyers. Social media can be an excellent space for real estate marketing.
Creating ads and campaigns to show off your real estate space is a great way to catch a budding buyer’s attention. There are, in fact, apps such as InVideo which provide templates to make professional advertisement videos of real-estate offerings with just a few clicks. By making these videos trend on social media and gathering enough views and engagements, one can ensure a steady lineup of buyers for their projects.

2. Hospitality – The hospitality sector is already on social media, thanks to the habit of guests posting pictures of their travels. This means all they have to do is ride the already existing wave. In order to do so, they need to have their presence felt over different social media platforms.

Traditionally, the hospitality sector has relied greatly on word of mouth. With the advent of the virtual space, all they need to do is now maintain a similar space online. By sharing small glimpses of their properties and services, not to mention guest stories and reviews, hotels, and other such businesses can greatly influence customer taste and bring them to their doorsteps.

3. Restaurants – Already, the big chains like McDonald’s and Burger King are killing it on social media. But the fine dining experiences or the smaller, more homely restaurants are missing out on the game. Given how eating is still embedded in our society as a community activity, it is important for these establishments to find a footing in the latest community exercise of our race – social media platforms.

It is easy enough to help build a community around your establishment. Sharing pictures and videos of meals, guest experiences, special offers, and events while inviting patrons to join you are simple things a restaurant needs to do online to keep a steady following. Not to mention its the online reviews that can make or break a business.

4. Salons and Spas – These businesses aren’t very high on the list of must-haves on the majority’s list, but it doesn’t mean they cannot keep a steady hold of their customers. “Monkey see, monkey do” is a phrase commonly used by satirists and scientists alike to describe the herd nature of humanity. This is no different.

Posting relaxing videos of treatments or pictures even can push an otherwise uninterested person to seek out your services. Everyone needs relaxation in their lives, maybe even a makeover. Social media can be that nudge that pushes them towards finally making that decision and, in turn, finding your business a new client.

5. Movie Theaters – With the advent of streaming platforms, many complain that going to a movie as a social activity has lost its shine. The fact that people can share their streaming experiences online is a big reason behind this. However, with the right marketing and strategy, a movie theater can ensure its survival.

By using social media to not only advertise its weekly lineup of the movies but also by allowing moviegoers to find a platform to share their experiences with each other, a theater can adopt a significant portion of the streaming experience. Albeit on a bigger scale.

6. Breweries – Drinking has always been a social activity. Bars and breweries can take advantage of this by bringing their businesses on to social media. By presenting their prospective patrons a glimpse behind the curtain, enthralling them with flavors, and selling them the idea of a fun night out, breweries will find themselves packed every night.

Imagine going onto Facebook and coming across a photo slideshow maker with music in the background, moving from one of your favorite beer flavors to another, inviting you to an evening of fun and frolic, of beer tasting and socializing. It is bound to pique your interest, and the brewery would have gained a new patron.

7. Fitness Centers – People today are getting increasingly conscious about what they put in their bodies and how fit they are. Gyms and fitness centers across the globe are a rage as people, after having spent hours sitting at the same spot, working all day, are flocking to find a way to get their body the much-needed exercise. And like the hospitality and food sector, word of mouth matters here.

Fitness centers can find a boost for their businesses by making their presence online. Not only on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but they can also find steady clients even by posting fitness-related tutorials on YouTube. The more people see from you, the more likely they are to trust your expertise in the field, and the more likely you are to find new clients.

8. Cosmetics – All across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, makeup tutorials are a rage. It is a good time for cosmetic businesses to hop on to the trend, make their own set of videos and adverts, and find loyal customers amidst the hoards of men and women stalking these makeup videos. It can give their business the boost it needs.

There are proven statistics available online on how so many businesses depend on social media for ad revenue generation. At least 1/3rd of consumers tend to research brands on social media before making a purchase. At this juncture, every business must make social media a part of their regular business strategy if they are to pull off a successful and long-running venture.

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