R2 Games Launches Firestone Idle RPG, a Popular Idler from Steam

R2 Games Launches Firestone Idle RPG, a Popular Idler from Steam

If you have heard of Firestone Idle RPG, then you may want to join the player base on the R2 Games platform and play this popular idler directly from your browser.

First released on Steam, Firestone Idle RPG received 82% positive reviews from players around the world. Global online game publisher R2 Games offers more free-to-play browser games, including Wartune, League of Angels, Dragon Awaken, Eternal Fury and Survivor Legacy among many others.

Now, joining the R2 Games platform, Firestone Idle RPG will benefit from plenty of launch events, rewards, and gift codes. R2 Games will make sure fresh or seasoned Firestone Idle RPG players get to enjoy the game on both the Facebook and R2 games platform.

Here are a few details about Firestone Idle RPG.

Save the Kingdom in Firestone Idle RPG

Firestone Idle RPG takes place in the fantasy world of Alandria, in which hosts of the undead and orcs have regrouped to plunge the empire into chaos. This time they take advantage of the great power of the Firestones. The king asked you to gather a group of heroes around you to stop the enemies, bring the firestones to you and save the kingdom. “

How does this game work? Players will have enough actions to perform in Firestone Idle RPG, that they won’t even notice it’s actually an idler, which is why it’s so fun to play. Let’s learn more about the heroes and the kingdom.

Firestone Idle RPG – Key Features, Gameplay, Miscellaneous


When you first begin the game, you will start with a hero and a guardian. There are different heroes, categorized in classes – Warrior, Mage, Priest, Druid etc., and specializations – Damage dealer, Tank and Healer. Each hero has different abilities that you can activate in a battle. These abilities consume their mana, rage or energy.

Setting up a battle formation

Your party of heroes can contain up to 5 heroes. Make sure you choose the right classes and specializations so that you can win the battles. Players can also choose a leader and control it throughout the fights.

Getting Ready for a Battle

Your heroes must also be geared up, and increasing the rarity and enchanting them will noticeably improve their resistances and performance in the battles.

Choose a Guardian

In the beginning, you’ll see a Guardian joining your party and helping you defeat those undead and orcs. You can unlock more Guardians and evolve them to help you advance in your missions.

Use the Map

While you fight enemies to protect the land, you can also prepare squads and send them into missions to come back with rewards. Use the map to start the missions!

The Town is Filled with Buildings

Fresh players that enter the town will see plenty of buildings, but most of them are still locked. As you level up, they begin unlocking and offer new content, expanding the gameplay. You get to use the Alchemist, Library and Magic Quarters, among many others!

The Library will research ancient knowledge, the Alchemist will conduct experiments, and there’s even an exotic merchant near the beach.

Game Chat

There’s an in-game chat as well for those that want to make friends and talk while defeating the hordes of orcs and undead.

Check out the official Firestone Idle RPG site on the R2 Games platform. Head over to the Firestone Idle RPG Facebook Fan page to get in touch with the community and grab those special rewards.


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