Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Topics Explained – Why You Should Use Practice Tests in Your Training Routine

The Microsoft AZ-104 exam is the new standard when you want to become a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator. You will need the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate credential added to your resume if you want to have a higher annual salary and a better position in the company you are working for. Also, as the technology trends focus more and more on cloud computing technology, you should shift your attention towards getting certified if you want to leverage your career. In this article, we will tell you more about the topics tested in AZ-104 assessment. As its difficulty is quite high, you will need to master the exam domains very well if you want to pass this test with flying colors. So, keep reading the paragraphs below and start preparing for this exam which can change your professional life.

Skills Measured by AZ-104 Exam

This certification assessment covers five major topics. We will give you short details about each of them to help you evaluate whether you have the necessary knowledge to understand these concepts or not. The first domain covers Azure identities and governance management. Around 15-20% of the total number of questions will test your skills on access control, subscription management, and Azure Active Directory deployment.

The second domain is dedicated to storage management and its efficient implementation. Its weight in the total exam’s topics is around 10-15%. You should be prepared to show your expertise on storage accounts management, Azure Storage data management, and professional configuration of Azure files. The third section of exam AZ-104 is dedicated to Azure compute resources such as VMs, containers, and Web Apps and takes about 25-30% of all exam coverage.

The fourth topic has one of the highest weights (30-35%) in the total number of questions in the main exam. There, AZ-104 assessment focuses on virtual network management and configuration.

You will be asked to answer questions related to how you configure and secure the company’s virtual networks and monitor them to prevent any systems threats. Finally, the fifth domain targets backup operations. You will need to demonstrate your skills in Azure monitoring and backup strategy implementation. This topic covers about 10-15% of all the test content.

Get Microsoft Certified with Practice Tests

Training is crucial if you want to hit the passing score in your assessment from the first attempt. An effective training strategy starts with accessing the test official page. Here you will find all details about the requirements to sit for your exam and how to register for it. Also, the Microsoft website offers different learning paths to help you get in-depth knowledge of Azure concepts.

For example, you can try the online free courses that take you through all the concepts tested in AZ-104. You will learn everything about Azure infrastructure and how to administer Azure containers. Also, you shouldn’t forget about the instructor-led training that will guide you through an intensive preparation schedule. Practice tests are also extremely helpful when you prepare for AZ-104 test. They help you gain practical experience in Azure concepts and check whether you are really ready to take this important exam.


With all these generous training alternatives, there should be nothing to hold you back from registering for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam right away. This assessment will change the path of your career and help you advance in a better position. So, take your time to get ready for this accreditation with reliable practice tests and the vendor’s official prep materials and ace this test!

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