Why Video Marketing Has Become Very Important in 2020?

Videos are slowly becoming the most used medium for marketing. They have proved themselves to give a high return on investment, among other benefits such as connecting to the viewers instantly. They have become an essential component of people’s daily entertainment and information fix.

From television ads to YouTube, Reels on Instagram and Facebook Live – videos are the best way to connect to the audience. What makes them so popular and favorite forms of the content is that they are engaging and have a lot of variety to produce, thus giving a realistic view of what is happening. Video and marketing are just like peanut and jelly, which complement each other in the best way. The excellent part is anyone with an internet connection can access them and can also produce their own content using a free movie maker online.

Marketing people find videos an attractive proposition due to their easy accessibility and the ease of sharing.

Research reveals the following facts about videos:

  • Videos are overtaking other conventional forms of marketing like print or direct mail since they are more effective.
  • The click rate of email marketing is found to be increased by 13% if it has a video in the subject line.
  • More than 85% of the total internet traffic will be related to videos in the coming years.
  • 50% of the audience watch most of their videos on their smartphones
  • Short video clips up to around two minutes are the most viewed, provided they are engaging enough.

How video marketing can transform your business?

  • Viewer retention: This is the era of mobile phones and the internet with people so busy that they make their purchases and searches on the go. Researches reveal that the visiting traffic retains most of the messages related to a product or service while watching videos than text or print.
  • More engagement: As per marketing surveys, it is evident that videos lead to more end-user engagement. The studies conducted on platforms like Facebook validate this fact. Video links embedded in the content are seen to increase the click-rate. Make sure that you optimize your videos for mobiles since more than 50% of people are reported to watch videos on their smartphones, and you surely do not want to lose this segment of the audience.
  • Increased brand awareness: Videos are excellent for promoting your brands. The more platforms you upload your videos to the better, be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any other. Your videos need to be short, precise, and to the point, since viewers are impatient with long videos.
  • More traffic and sales: Videos can have a tremendous impact on your returns on investment. Videos explain clearly through storytelling about the features of a brand and its benefits. Viewers are glued to interestingly made videos, and this customer engagement creates more leads and sales. Videos that strike an emotional chord with viewers and solve their problems can entice potential customers to buy the products shown. Short, entertaining videos with Call-to-Action included can lead to more sales.

Some effective ways to use Video marketing

Video is just coming over and speaking on the camera. There are many types – animation, typography, demos. So, let us look at the video marketing which can be used in several ways such as:

  • Explainers: They are meant to educate the target audience to provide information about complex products such as mobile apps. They are mostly animated and suit those products that are difficult to explain using a physical demonstration.
  • Product demos: They explain in detail about the product features and advantages to potential customers. These videos target those who are seriously contemplating buying. When made properly, they can lure the customer into deciding on purchasing the product.
  • Videos to launch products or services: These videos are specially made to highlight a new product or service that is reset or started shortly. Such videos can be made entirely using a bb to add features that will positively impact the audience.
  • Webinars: When used in the right manner, they can take your digital strategy to a new level. Webinars can add a human touch to launches by putting a face behind the product or service. They can also be utilized for running online demos of your products using your sales team. This will help create interest and awareness for your brand and can lead to sales. Webinars are also great for using recorded talks and demo slides after an event to a broader audience. They help in creating leads by asking viewers to register to watch the content on-demand.
  • Social media: Videos are most effective in social media, and millions of people watch them on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook. They have a far better reach than television and are watched for several hours in a day.
  • Video landing pages: They are landing pages with embedded video that explains the value of a product or service. If made of a high standard, these pages are excellent for providing information about your product quickly. They can engage your audience and explain complex products adequately than text or images.

Did you know that more than 85% of the Facebook videos are watched in mute? So, go ahead and make your own videos with a great caption with a lasting visual impact on your audience using simple video editors. Like a movie teaser, make your videos a teaser too and give a curious description to the viewer so that he is compelled to watch it. There is no perfect day to start your video marketing, and if there is one – it is now.

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