5 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Binge Movies and TV Shows

5 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Binge Movies and TV Shows

This post will show you 5 Putlocker alternatives to binge movies and TV shows.

There are a lot of websites that offer free movie streaming on the internet. But we all want to know which of these websites offers the best service. If you’re a little short on funds, these websites are your usual place to stream and watch movies, right? Thanks to Putlocker, we now have unlimited access to movies and TV shows without paying a single cent.

Putlocker and Alternatives

Law enforcement agencies are always on the hunt for free streaming websites due to piracy. This includes our all-time favorite Putlocker. So, what are you going to do if your usual go-to streaming website has been shut down or isn’t working anymore? We go to sites like Putlocker to stream and binge-watch on our favorite movies and TV shows for free. If you haven’t heard about Putlocker, then don’t worry! We’ve got your back. 

If you don’t have any idea what Putlocker is, then fret no longer. We’ve got your back! Putlocker is one of the most visited movie streaming platforms and is usually accessed by people who want to watch movies, documentaries, and movies without paying for a subscription fee. 

Putlocker is a great place for you to stream and watch all your favorite movies and TV shows, but Putlocker has encountered some legal setbacks and forced the website developer to change its domain name. Through the years, Putlocker’s domain name has been changing ever since from putlocker.ac, putlocker.com, putlocker.rs, putlocker.ch, putlocker.io, Putlocker is, and putlocker.today.

It’s not a surprise that there are many mirror sites and copies of the website since Putlocker attracts 1.6 million visitors to their website each day. With that said, we aren’t sure whether the website developer is still operating one of the mirror sites or has already moved on to another endeavor.

5 Best Putlocker Alternatives

Since Putlocker has been under many altercations, there are still some alternatives that you can choose from, and binge-watch your movies and TV shows. These alternatives are confirmed to be a safe place for you to stream. Here are some Putlocker alternatives that you can try.


1. 123Movies


123Movies is, without a doubt, the ultimate go-to streaming platform besides Putlocker. There’s a big possibility that you have already streamed and watched your favorite movies on this website. 123Movies has a lot of similarities with Putlocker if we’re talking about their capabilities. This movie streaming website is well known for giving you a safe streaming service.

123Movies’ main menu is very streamlined, and the movies are arranged properly. It has an immense collection of movies and TV shows with varying genres like Recently Added Movies, Latest Movies in the Cinemas, Recently Added TV Series, Recently Added Asian Dramas, and even Recently Added Anime.


2. WatchTVSeries


If you’re more of a TV show type of person, then WatchTVSeries is the perfect Putlocker alternative for you. It contains almost every popular TV show and series from various TV channels such as BBC, AMC, NBC, FOX, HBO, CBS, and History Channel. If you’re a little low on your budget, it also contains TV shows from the Netflix streaming platform giant.

The website’s user interface is sleek and streamlined, and episodes organize the groupings into seasons. This will ensure all its viewers will not encounter any trouble or confusion when watching their show. Most TV shows and series on this website can be watched on HD quality, and each episode contains two mirrors. It’s worth noting that WatchTVSeries is best used with an ad-blocker to ensure smooth viewing.


3. FMovies


Another great Putlocker alternative is Fmovies. Like Putlocker, this movie streaming platform offers many movies, TV shows, documentaries, and series for you to stream online. The website is quite new and was released to the public back in 2016. The interface is very pleasing to the eyes with its dark mode and is very easy to navigate due to its tools that are integrated on the website. 

FMovies regularly updates its library and shows you recently released and the latest movies, thus making it one of the most popular movie streaming platforms on the internet. Since the website is free to use, expect some pop-ups before you stream your favorite movie or TV show.


4. MovieWatcher


A significant feature that MovieWatcher possesses is its complete library and a well-organized movie playlist. You can arrange your movie search according to the movie, popularity, genre, and the year it was released. MovieWatcher is a great movie streaming website that includes external websites like Forums, Search Engines, and other movie streaming websites. 

MovieWatcher is a 100% free movie streaming platform for you to stream all your favorite TV shows and movies in high definition quality. If we’re talking about quality and streaming service, MovieWatcher is comparable to paid movie streaming platforms. Even though you need to register for an account, it is worthwhile for being able to access its wide variety of movies and TV shows for free.


5. GoMovies


If you’re an avid movie or TV show binge-watcher, you might be quite familiar with GoMovies. Similar to the other movie streaming sites on this list, it is also one of the biggest and most popular movie streaming sites on the internet. GoMovies is a well-respected website in the industry, and it has an amazing reputation of giving its viewers access to high-quality movies online.

GoMovie is one of the most admirable Putlocker alternatives that give you some of the latest movies on their website. You can browse and search for various movies according to your liking in various ways. Since the website is practically free to use, expect some pop-up ads when accessing the website.


If you really love watching movies online for free, you shouldn’t settle for something less than what you deserve. The best movie streaming website is a must-have for people like you. So, we hope that this article helped you in finally finding the best movie streaming platform for you to binge-watch all your favorite movies and TV shows. Try them out for yourself today!


Daniel Segun is a technology writer with over 5 years of experience. He loves to teach and inspire others. When he is not writing, he’s probably busy developing websites. You can reach him here.

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About the Author: Daniel Segun

Daniel Segun is a technology writer with over 5 years of experience. He loves to teach and inspire others. When he is not writing, he's probably busy developing websites. You can reach him here.

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