6 Putlocker Alternatives That Will Give You An Exciting Online Streaming Experience

6 Putlocker Alternatives That Will Give You An Exciting Online Streaming Experience

Today, I will show you 6 Putlocker alternatives you should consider for online streaming.

Technology aims to give people the comfort and convenience of life. It also creates a significant impact on people’s lifestyles, especially on their hobbies and interests. One thing that people love doing is watching their favorite movies and TV shows during their free time. If you’re one of them, you surely have a pastime of binge-watching when you aren’t busy. 

Because of this, many successful online platforms are offering you access to tons of movies and TV shows. One of these platforms is Putlocker that’s a useful product of technology advancement. It allows you to watch from their libraries of TV shows and movies for free. 

Unlike other streaming sites that you need to pay a particular amount every month, Putlocker is an online streaming platform that you can access without paying a single cent. However, some locations have restrictions on accessing this streaming site. In fact, some people around the world can’t access the site because of the restriction in their area. 

Don’t worry because there are many alternatives to Putlocker that offer almost exactly the same services and features. Read the details below to know the different Putlocker alternative sites that you’ll surely enjoy. 

6 Putlocker Alternatives

1. Afdah

There are many Putlockers online that you may not be aware of, and Afdah is one of them you can consider. Unlike other streaming sites, Afdah doesn’t require you to sign up and create an account. There’s no requirement that you need to provide before you can access their streaming services for free. 

You need to have reliable internet, and your device is working fine, then you’re good to go. Moreover, Afdah is using a user-friendly interface, and its official website online is easy to navigate. It uses an effective organization technique in categorizing all of its movies online. Hence, you can find it easy to browse and search for the movie you want to watch.

2. MegaShare

Many people consider MegaShare as one of the best alternatives to Putlocker. When you visit its official website, you’ll find tons of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and many others. It contains a wide range of movie collections in different genres that you can choose based on your preferences. Besides that, MegaShare also offers you access to their exciting anime and web series. 

Its official website online is also convenient to navigate. You only need to key in the movie title, country name where the movie came from, or the year of its movie release to filter the search and find the particular movies you want to watch. Since the website uses a user-friendly design and layout and offers a wide range of content, many users consider MegaShare the best alternative to Putlocker.

3. FMovies

Another popular Putlocker alternative is FMovies. Many people know about this online streaming site and keep using it as their reliable source of exciting and latest movies. They offer many TV shows, movies, documentaries, and interesting movie series that you can conveniently access online. 

One exciting fact about FMovies is that it has many integrated websites embedded on different videos and links, routing you to a particular web page to watch a specific movie. Besides that, it has an easy-to-navigate website with various tools you can use to filter your search for the movies. 

Moreover, FMovies updates its movie content regularly. Hence, users can watch the latest movies available in the market. That’s why many people continue using FMovies because of its reliable access that will give them a fantastic entertainment experience.

4. MovieWatcher

Another online streaming site that will surely give you an exciting streaming experience is MovieWatcher. It has a wide range of movie libraries available in different genres, such as horror, comedy, suspense, love story, sci-fi, and many other exciting films and TV shows in high-definition quality. Hence, MovieWatcher has been an excellent source for movie lovers during their free time. 

It’s a streaming website that indexes different external sites like Forums, Search Engines, and other online platforms giving the same services. MovieWatcher offers you access to its massive movie libraries that are absolutely for free. Besides that, you can conveniently access and browse the website and search for movies you want to watch because its contents are properly organized in different categories.

5. GoMovies

People who have been fond of online streaming might have known GoMovies. It’s a website offering streaming services to its users for quite some time now. It’s one of the largest online platforms of movie streaming. GoMovies holds a good reputation as they offer tons of movies and TV shows online for free while keeping users’ privacy. 

GoMovies is related to the 123Movies site as they have the same content streaming features. These sites have both almost the same user interface, website design, and streaming functionalities. 

In fact, it’s one of the most commendable alternatives to Putlocker online that offers newly released movies that you can access to its website. Besides that, it also contains a massive collection of movies and TV shows that you can watch without paying a single penny. 

6. CMovies

One of the favorite streaming sites of most movie fans is CMovies. It allows you to access their massive collections of movies and TV shows that are all high-quality. Besides that, it groups its contents in an effective organization. You’ll find categories like TV Series, Country, Top IMDb, and many more on its official website. Hence, it is easy to search for particular movies and shows that you want to watch. 

Moreover, CMovies contains the latest release of movies in the market and full-length episodes of different exciting TV series. Make sure that your device connects to a reliable internet to avoid any streaming interruptions. Then, you can access the official website of CMovies, start browsing and stream all your favorites. Hence, CMovies is considered one of the favorite sites of most online streaming fans. 


Watching movies is truly an interesting activity that you can do in your free time. Thanks to Putlocker, you’ll get access to tons of exciting films and TV shows online. If there’s a restriction in accessing the website of Putlocker in your location, check the list of alternative sites discussed above. Hence, you’ll surely have an amazing online streaming experience.


Daniel Segun is a technology writer with over 5 years of experience. He loves to teach and inspire others. When he is not writing, he’s probably busy developing websites. You can reach him here.

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About the Author: Daniel Segun

Daniel Segun is a technology writer with over 5 years of experience. He loves to teach and inspire others. When he is not writing, he's probably busy developing websites. You can reach him here.

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