Things You Should Learn About Samsung Game Launcher [Step Up Your Gaming]

Things You Should Learn About Samsung Game Launcher [Step Up Your Gaming]

If you love to play mobile games and have a Samsung smartphone, you need to read this article about Samsung Game Launcher. You will learn some unique features that you might not know yet, such as improving your Smartphone’s gaming performance, and more. So here are some of the things about Samsung Game Launcher.

What Is Samsung Game Launcher?

It is basically an app primarily made for all the latest Samsung smartphones. If you love playing games or even just browsing some things that might fit your liking, the Samsung Game Launcher is the app that will help with that. Though other brands also have the same platform like this one, Samsung Game Launcher is more straightforward.

So if you bought a Samsung smartphone or tablet, you could use this app, and you will definitely enjoy playing games much better than those that don’t have a game launcher.

The Samsung Game Launcher was first made available in their Galaxy S7 Smartphone, which most people might already have forgotten. There was also another app that came with it, and it is called the Samsung Gaming Tool, which you will also learn its connection with the Samsung Game Launcher, which we will discuss in the latter part.

Samsung Game Launcher and Samsung Gaming Tool were also made available on their other S series smartphones such as Galaxy S10, S20, and their Note Series smartphones. These two apps are now available on all of their smartphones, which is actually very helpful, especially for those who like to play mobile games.

How To Access Samsung Game Launcher?

Accessing the Samsung Game Launcher to your Smartphone is very easy. Access the app drawer and pull up the game launcher. If you’re having difficulties finding it, you can just search it on the “Finder Search” bar, which is usually found on the top part of the app drawer.

If in case you already tried to search it using the finder search bar yet nothing appeared, there is still one last option that you can do to find it. Go to your Smartphone settings, find the word saying Advanced Features; take your time, since sometimes it is also challenging to find. Once you are there, select the game launcher, and click the switch to enable it to your device.

Now, since you already enabled it, you can just open the Samsung Game Launcher to use it. The game launcher will now add your games to a particular folder which provides you an easier way to access all of your mobile games. 

You’ll also be given an option to hide all your games in your app drawer, which means all your games now can only be accessed using the game launcher only. So if you wanted to play your favorite games, just open the game launcher, and you’ll be able to access all of your mobile games right away.

What Is Game Tools?

You’d not be able to open Game Tools if you didn’t access the Gaming Launcher first, which means they both play a vital role with each other. To open the Game Tools from the Gaming Launcher, go to the lower-right corner of the app.

You’ll be able to access or use different controls, such as the universal slider bar. To use the universal slider bar, move or slide to the right to increase your Smartphone’s performance, although you’ll be sacrificing your Smartphone’s battery. You can also move or slide it to the left to save energy if you’re running out of battery.

Is it possible to access the Game Tool while playing a game or while you’re inside a specific game app? The answer is a huge yes! You can access the Game Tools even before you’re playing any game. Two do that, just put your two fingers on the screen and pinch or slide your two fingers towards each other.

After doing that, the Game Tool will automatically show up. The Game Tool will provide various options for you, such as block alerts, record games, take screenshots, disable screen touch, and even lock the navigation keys. You can also share those videos and pictures with your social media that you’ve taken from the game.

Pausing A Game, Taking Screenshots, And Recording Video Using Gaming Launcher

When you’re inside on a particular game, you have the option to pause or lock the screen of the game you’re playing so you can do other things, such as opening other apps. Samsung Game Launcher allows you to access up to four apps at the same time simultaneously. This feature is convenient since you can multitask even when you’re playing your favorite game. But in case you need to modify your game’s visual settings such as frame rate and resolution, you need to go out of the game first and change it using the Game Tools under Samsung’s Game Launcher.

What’s great about the Samsung Game Launcher is that it allows you to pause the game and capture screenshots and record your gameplay, which you can share with your social media. When you’re on a game, it’s quite simple to go to the Game Tool, and you will see an option there to either screenshot or record, and it will automatically save it to your album.

Samsung Game Launcher’s Progress Monitoring

If you didn’t know this yet, the Samsung Game Launcher also offers game progress monitoring, which means you will learn how great you’ve been doing in the game that you’re playing. You can also view your stats anytime you want if you want to know if you’re doing fine or not.

To access it, go to Game Launcher’s main menu and tap your profile icon, which is on the right screen side. It will then show you a chart with all the data about the games you played. You can also access a graph that shows you how much the size of a particular game, your daily or monthly data usage, and the exact date of when you downloaded it.


Samsung’s Gaming Launcher is still improving until now; Samsung wanted to provide the best experience possible for all of their mobile gamers. As of now, there is no other gaming launcher in the market that can compete with Samsung Game Launcher’s unique features.


Daniel Segun is a technology writer with over 5 years of experience. He loves to teach and inspire others. When he is not writing, he’s probably busy developing websites. You can reach him here.

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About the Author: Daniel Segun

Daniel Segun is a technology writer with over 5 years of experience. He loves to teach and inspire others. When he is not writing, he's probably busy developing websites. You can reach him here.

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