How to Use OCR Technology for Your online Business Growth

OCR is the “Optical Character Recognition” technology which provides an efficient business solution used to extract data from an image.

You can use the Image to Text tool which uses OCR technology and helps you to grow your business online.

Simply use the online tool to extract the editable text from any kind of photo, scanned document, PDF file, or from a word document.

Currently, OCR technology is used to handle the paperwork and make your content smart to create workflows.

How do OCR works?

Our computer system scans or detects images, not text itself.

The OCR technology automatically analyzes the printed text on a photo or on an image.

Then turn it into a form that your computer can easily process.

The software processes the text’s conversion process in different ways. And the ways are mentioned below in detail:

  • Pattern Recognition: The system recognizes character completely and then matches it to all characters stored in OCR software.

Each letter will be recognized separately from the others and then converted into a useful document.

  • Intelligent Character Recognition: It involves a machine learning engine process and decodes one character at a time.

The humans can easily recognize handwriting, but a computer needs software to recognize and analyze the handwritten text.

For this, user-friendly OCR software is used to quickly analyze the characters and text on the images.

  • Feature Detection: If the pattern recognition feature is failed to recognize the text, feature detection is there to complete the blanks.

It individually detects each component whether it is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines.

You don’t need the complete database of fonts to apply designs, this feature automatically detects each font efficiently.

Benefits of OCR Technology for your Business

This technology is widely used for your business growth and helps to extract the editable text from an image.

Some of the main advantages of this amazing technology are described below:

  • Time Saving: Automatically detects the text and faster than the manual text finding process.

Also, retrieving the information for any document can be easily done just within a single click.

  • Efficient Work Management: Provide OCR tools to your employees to improve their working efficiency.

They’ll not waste their time on irrelevant tasks and focus more on their current projects.

  • Fast Research: When you have a digital researchable software, you don’t need to analyze the images or pdf’s page by page.
  • Security of Documents: if you’re using an OCR technology software, all of your personal or client’s data are fully secured.
  • Improved Customer Service: Every customer want to get their document quickly.

So, use OCR software to quickly collect and analyze the documents.

  • No more storage issues: You don’t need to store papers in the hard forms.

Just analyze the documents by using OCR software and saves it on your device wherever and whenever you want.

Top 5 Software and Websites offers OCR

OCR technology is widely used for business growth and it makes productivity shortcuts for students, researchers, and your office-mates.

You can use the mentioned below top 5 OCR software and online tools to easily analyze and recognize the text from any document:

1.   Prepostseo

Image to Text is an online tool used to extract the editable text from an image or PDF, just within a simple click.

This excellent online tool uses the latest OCR technology to analyze the document and then converts the analyzed document into text form.

You can quickly extract the data from an image of any format.

How does this latest OCR tool work?

Finding the text from an image is become quite an easy process by using Image to Text.

First, you need to upload the picture from your system by using the “Upload” button just as:

And if you want to upload an image or a document through a link, then just paste the URL in the box and start extracting the image:

Once, you’ve uploaded the image or any PDF, Click on the ‘Submit’ button to extract the editable text from the file.


  • Extracting Low-Resolution Pictures: The tool is widely used by a number of students and other people to extract the text from low-resolution or blur photos.

You don’t need to waste your time by typing the texts from the images and the tool makes your work easy and efficient.

  • Totally Free: The tool is completely free of cost and you don’t need any registration to use the Image to Text tool.
  • Secure and Easily Accessible: This amazing tool is fully secured and can be easily used on any kind of device which has an internet connection.
  • Download the File: If you don’t want to lose the extracted text document file, simply download it on your computer system.

2.     Microsoft OneNote

It is an online tool that uses OCR technology and works both on the images or handwritten documents.

If you want to scan any document to extract the text, simply drag and drop the file into the converter.

Then click right on the inserted document and select the option “Copy Text from Picture”.

After that, copy the text from the page and saves it on your computer system.

3.     Photo Scan

It is a free Windows software and you can easily download it from the store.

After downloading the app, use your computer’s webcam to take a picture.

The software then recognized all the editable text from the image and shows it in the adjacent window.

When you’ve done everything, save the OCR text document in multiple formats like Text, HTML, XML, or more.

4.     Easy Screen


The easy screen OCR is a Windows tool that allows you to take screenshots in an effective and impressive way.

Once you install the software on your computer system, Right-Click on the software icon and select the “Capture” option from the menu.

Take a screenshot of any image or document and use the Easy Screen OCR.

After taking the screenshot, a dialog bar with three tabs will be displayed on your screen.

Click on the “OCR” button there to read the text from the image and then saves the converted text file on your computer.

5.   Simple OCR

SimpleOCR | Free OCR Software

This amazing software offers a unique handwriting recognition process with a 14 days free trial.

If you don’t want to rewrite the written text from any image, use this famous simple OCR software to scan the text from an image.

Working on Simple OCR:

  • The software reads directly from a scanner by adding a page.
  • It offers control over the conversion through Text or Image Selection.
  • The software takes the conversion process into a validation stage.
  • You can also correct any extracted text if you want.
  • Save the converted file on your system as a DOC or a TXT format.


If you want to use OCR technology for your online business growth, simply follow the mentioned above complete guidelines.

You can use any above of the OCR tool that can help you to grow your online business quickly and efficiently.

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