Fortnite Tips And Tricks – How To Cleanse The Tanks And Run Away!

Epic Games introduced a new secret mission that features the dastardly gnomes.

Fortnite featured a fresh secret challenge for season 4 week 9, perpetuating the series of evil gnomes and their evil plan to put bombs in Slurp juice or stuff like that.

You may not necessarily be interested in the plot, but that’s not the point, it’s free XP, and we all love that!

You can still go through season 4’s first secret challenge if you feel like catching up with it.

The ongoing challenge requires players to cleanse tanks filled with dangerous Slurp juice and then run away from the scene of the event.

We put together a guide so that you won’t have to scour the whole Fortnite map to discover the location of the tanks.

The Steps

First, you have to head to the factory at the Slurpy Swamp.

Go to the biggest building where the principal room has two huge vats of Slurp juice.

You have to jump into both vats, which will automatically trigger the cleansing process for both tanks.

You will then observe the Slurp juice becoming clearer, or as clear as soft drinks can get.

Then you have to run away from the area, but in a particular way – Look around for a wall that has a massive hole in it.

You’ll notice the dastardly gnome just waiting around there. You only have to hop through that hole into the swamp outside, and then the challenge is finished.

Going through the whole process rewards you with 20,000 XP total. That is an effortless way to gather XP fast!

You should give it a shot!

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