Expensive, Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas (and How to Keep Them Within Budget)

Sometimes, a matching set of holiday pajamas and a pair of woolly socks just doesn’t express how much you love and appreciate a person. If there is someone in your life who has gone above and beyond this year to make you feel special, you should treat them this holiday season to a big, expensive, luxurious gift.

Buying something big and special can be a stress on anyone’s finances, but it is possible to fit a large expense into a holiday budget. Here are some tips — and some deluxe gift ideas worth considering.

Budgeting Tips for the Holidays

If you aren’t (yet) a billionaire but you want to lavish a loved one (or several loved ones) in luxury, you need to budget appropriately. Here are a few ways to keep your luxurious gift-giving from breaking the bank during the holiday season:

Start saving early. The sooner you can start planning for a big purchase, the better. You might use personal budget software to help you organize your spending and saving, to ensure you have enough cash to buy your intended gift.

Purchase used. Many luxury items depreciate rapidly, which means you can save a ton of money by buying an item refurbished or gently used. However, depending on your intended recipient, you might not want to advertise the fact that you got a gift secondhand.

Get a second job. There tends to be an abundance of part-time work available before and during the holiday season. If you want a little extra help saving up for your gift, you might consider finding a side-hustle that fits your schedule.

Expensive Gifts for the Luxe Hound

You might know you want to get your loved one something big, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know precisely what would please the big-spender in your life. Here are a few expensive gift ideas worth considering:


Thanks to COVID — and likely for long after — people are accustomed to spending their evenings in, watching the latest movies and series on their TV. LED TVS provide superior color, and 8K resolution offers the sharpest, most defined picture in history. You should consider getting the biggest TV you can afford that fits in your space.

Espresso Machine

Why bother spending a half-hour in the drive-through line at Starbucks when you can make an even better espresso drink at home? Breville is the best home espresso brand by far, and you can find attractive and high-tech options to satisfy even the snobbiest coffee drinker.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Working from home isn’t easy for anyone, but if you live in a busy home, you might bless the remote worker in your life with some noise-cancelling headphones. Typically, Bose is the best in speaker quality, and they produce all sorts of headphone models that seal wearers from outside sound while offering other benefits like comfort and style.

Designer Sneakers

Not only are sneakers back in style, but they are also up in price. You should check your loved one’s fashions before investing in some designer kicks, but some of the best styles include:

  • Oliver Cabell Low 1
  • Nike Air Max 270
  • Koio Capri Castagna
  • Golden Goose Superstar
  • Adidas Yeezy Boost
  • Balenciaga Track 2

Deluxe Spirits

If your luxe hound is also a booze hound, you might surprise them with some high-quality wine or spirits. You should check their bar to see what their favorite drink is, or you can get them any of the following high-class bottles:

  • Clase Azul Resposado
  • Diplomatico Ambassador Cask Strength Rum
  • Hennessy Paradis
  • Nolet’s Reserve Dry Gin
  • Gran Marnier Cuvee du Centenaire
  • 2016 Adrianna Vineyard Malbec
  • 2016 Rochioli Vineyard Chardonnay


A luxury gift that is also mentally enriching is a telescope. Like most other items on this list, telescopes come in a sliding scale both in terms of price and quality, but if you want the best home telescope, you want something from Celestron, which makes both functional and beautiful pieces.

Everyone deserves a big gift at least once in their lives. If you don’t live a luxurious lifestyle, you can still afford to give a luxurious gift with proper planning and preparation.

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