Tricks and Tips to Get Instagram Followers & Likes

Instagram is one of the most progressively growing social networks and the number of users is still growing. One billion people use this application every month. We’ve been posting images on Instagram for a few years, it hides a lot of features and tricks that many people don’t even know about. So deliberately if some surprise you.

  • Hack tool to achieve free Instagram followers and likes instantly

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  • A few more tips to conclude quickly

# 1 Always use only one filter, even if you have a typical signature style. And never use an X-Pro filter, that’s the pinnacle of instagram taste (which everyone knows).

# 2 Your interaction with other profiles increases the chances that someone will notice you. Discuss, praise, express an opinion, write longer comments. Again – as authentic as possible.

# 3 Post often and regularly, otherwise your followers will leave. If you don’t entertain and inspire them, they have no reason to follow you.

# 4 One metric of a successful fight: have more followers than followers. As soon as you are followed by 3,000 users, but you follow 7,000 of them, it is immediately clear that you have obtained them using the follow-for-follow method, and this is not the most prestigious status. On the contrary, having 3,000 followers and only 200 watching, it shouts into the world, “I care more about others than they do me!” Everyone wants a good ratio.

# 5 Set up 2-step SMS authentication. Profile theft is a common thing, once you reach more interesting numbers, your profile will be an attractive target for thieves. Why? Maybe to sell it to someone who buys their followers.

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