R2Games Popular Titles Celebrate Thanksgiving Through Special In-Game Events

A favorite national celebration in the US, Canada and some sub-national entities, Thanksgiving is a holiday where we give our thanks and we’re hopeful for the future. Games usually incorporate holidays to create the same atmosphere in a virtual place, so R2Games is also bringing this celebration to some of their popular titles.

Joining the celebration, games like Survivor Legacy, Dragon Awaken, Vampire Empire, and The Third Age will have special events, rewards and discounts in their shops. Let’s see all the freebies and events coming this week!

Survivor Legacy

The post-apocalyptic strategy game Survivor Legacy which was released this year celebrates Thanksgiving with free in-game rewards.

Free Gift: A 100% cashback coupon will be given back after reaching the consumption amount specified in the game, and the rewards will be sent via email after the event.

Doomlord: Forge your Doomlord set by spinning the Wheel lucky draw.

Learn more about the latest events and connect with other players on the Survivor Legacy Facebook page.

Dragon Awaken

To celebrate Thanksgiving in Dragon Awaken, players get more amber and rewards if they use the mini-client to log in. This event will only last on 26 November!

Next comes Black Friday, with special offers and Black Friday Special Packages.

New fashion is also showing up in Dragon Awaken for Thanksgiving: Ferocious Vulcan.

Stay updated on all Dragon Awaken news and events by following the game’s official Facebook page.

Vampire Empire

Another title joins Thanksgiving, by offering in-game rewards and an “Exchange Event.”

Vampire Empire players will be able to receive 3 kinds of packs that will help them develop their castle and troops building. Rare items such as speed-ups will also be included in the packs.

As for the Exchange Event, which takes place between November 25th and 29th, players will constantly receive special items that they can be traded in the Black Market to receive other rewards.

Check out more info on this event and upcoming events on the Vampire Empire Facebook page.

The Third Age

There will also be Thanksgiving events in The Third Age as well.

The first one called “Thanksgiving Event” includes daily rewards (November 22h -26th). On Thanksgiving day, players can redeem treasure chests. The rewards contain resources which can be redeemed.

The second event consists of Thanksgiving gift packs, which are discounted at 70% off.

Last but not least, there is also a limited time shop for Black Friday which includes resources and special products discounted at up to 90% off. The Thanksgiving gift packs and Black Friday shop will offer these discounts between November 27th and 29th.

Head over to The Third Age Facebook page to stay up to date with all the news and events.

These are some of the Thanksgiving events in R2Games’ titles. You can check them all out on www.r2games.com.

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