What Are The Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac?

Whether you’re aiming to enjoy Android games and apps on your PC or Mac, or you’re thinking about debugging, using an emulator represents a good idea. Android emulators are those handy pieces of software and usually free of charge that can make your Windows PC or Mac imitate games and apps that normally run only on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you never know when you need such an emulator, and we’ll gladly recommend a few names.

There’s no use to start rummaging in your wallet, as all emulators mentioned here are free-of-charge or at least have a free version. They’re all available for Windows PC and Mac, a well, and we firmly believe in their huge emulating powers. Our list will be in random order:


LDPlayer focuses mostly on what Android emulators are built for: gaming. Whether you get your desired games from Google Play Store or from the pre-installed LD Store, the LDPlayer emulator will take care of the rest in an elegant way. It provides you the chance to customize control with a keyboard and mouse, or you can even attach a controller.


BlueStacks is one of the most popular choices when it comes to Android emulators, and it’s understandable. Except that it offers a heavy collection of games and apps, BlueStacks also allows the user to record his progress in the software emulated. Other interesting features are Eco Mode, Real-time Translation, Game Controls, and the list can continue.


ARChon is another emulator worth trying, but it may give you a few headaches while you struggle to install it. You’ll get this emulator on your machine as an extension for Google Chrome. The next step after installation will be to find APKs and load them. However, we find it as an advantage that you don’t need to install this emulator directly on your machine, as a lot of people are skeptical when it comes to installing anything on their computers. But once installed as an extension, you can run pretty much any Android game and app directly in your Google Chrome browser.


This tool is completely free to download and use, having no hidden charges. The developers of NoxPlayer claim that their app is the perfect Android emulator, and we can surely say that it’s one of the best. NoxPlayer offers easy keyboard control, Macro Recorder, and many more useful features.


Genymotion isn’t entirely free, but it brings a version for those who aren’t willing to pay anything. The interface is simple and easy to control, and the program will easily and automatically detect the keyboard and mouse. Emulating pretty much any sort of Android device won’t be a problem with Genymotion.

The list could continue, but we would like to know about your own favorite Android emulators. Feel free to leave us a comment!

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