How To Compress a PDF File Online?

There are plenty of situations when you need to compress a PDF file that’s too large to handle. That’s when the Lua online app from comes in handy. It’s ok to be sceptical and precautious when you’re thinking about installing anything on your computer. We all are, but the Lua app doesn’t even demand to run directly on your machine to do its job.

Let’s suppose you have a large PDF (Portable Document Format) file, and you need to send it via email to an employee for proofreading. In many situations, the file’s size could be too much to handle by your email service. Therefore, we propose a simple way of solving this common issue: the Lua app.

Lua works for Windows, Mac, and Linux

First and foremost, grab a PDF file of a maximum of 5MB that you want to compress and type ‘’ in your browser. Just scroll down a bit, and you’ll immediately see the ‘Compress PDF’ link. Access it without hesitation, and the remaining steps are also simple:

  1. Hit the ‘Choose PDF File’ button.
  2. Locate your PDF file on your computer and click on it.
  3. Wait for the online app to compress your file (the compression process will start immediately).
  4. Enjoy the result!

Your PDF file will be compressed in no-time, and the online Lua app has even more to offer! You can use the software to play with PDF files in many other productive ways. Whether you also want to merge them, convert them into other formats, or even convert other formats such as JPG, Word, or Excel into PDF, the Lua app is there to help you with such tasks!

The Lua app from won’t even charge you a single dime if you use it! The web app even works for all computer operating systems, whether you’re using Mac, Linux, or the good old Windows.

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