Pixel Launcher 11 Build 825 Is Available to Download with New Fixes

The Google Pixel Launcher is a custom launcher made by Google to grant users access to the home screen experience of smartphones like the Pixel and Pixel XL, which are also developed and made by Google.

It has multiple critical features like:

  • The ability to swipe right from the home screen to browse personalized Google cards that can bring you custom information, news, and more, just when you want it!
  • Fast access to Google Search on the main home screen.
  • App suggestions that help you find apps that suit your needs rapidly.
  • Swiping up on the bottom Favorites to find the app you are looking for rapidly.
  • Long-pressing on apps that support shortcuts to jump right where you want to. There is also the option to long-press a shortcut and drag it to the home screen.

Here are some patch notes that Google still displays with each new update of the launcher:

As of October 2016:

  • The weather appears in the top right corner of your current location
  • Visual refresh of wallpaper picker
  • New circular folder presentation
  • Shortcuts on long-press of supporting apps

The launcher receives occasional updates. Each new update adds extra features or fixes bugs that are present on existing features.

The app reached build 825. It is available for download from the Google Play Store.

We recommend that you keep the launcher updated at all times so that you benefit from top-notch performance.

Also, try to download updates from official means (Google Play) as other third-party markets typically hide some unwanted content beneath their friendly shell. It can be bloatware, malware, or viruses. It just isn’t worth the risk considering that the launcher is free.

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