How to Choose the Perfect Smartphone for You

Everybody has a smartphone nowadays, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use such a device properly. That’s because a lot of smartphone users don’t know how to benefit from the best of what such a device has to offer, while others use it in abusive ways in the middle of a conversation or at the cinema.

There are thousands of smartphone brands and models out there, and these handy little gadgets become more and more powerful every year. While it’s impossible to predict with absolute certainty what the future of smartphones will look like, we can still focus on what we have in the present.

Figuring out which is the right smartphone for you can surely be intimidating, considering that there are more brands and models out there than there are stars in the Universe. But don’t lose hope, as we’re here to help:

Establish your priorities

Before you go ahead and explore the vast world of smartphone offers, take some time and consider what you want and need from such a device. Do you like to take lots of photos? Are you into mobile gaming? Are you more interested in processing power, above all else? Do you want to open numerous web pages and navigate across the depths of the internet? Depending on what matters most to you, you should choose the smartphone that suits your needs the best.

If, for instance, you want your future smartphone to navigate through the internet a lot so that you can read a lot of cool articles from websites such as, it means that it’s paramount to choose a device with lots of RAM power. If mobile gaming is your thing, on the other hand, you should definitely buy a smartphone that has great hardware power in all areas: RAM, CPU, GPU, and storage space.

Screen size and display

Most smartphones nowadays have large displays, but not everybody likes the idea of maneuvering such huge screens. Don’t worry, as there’s something for everyone out there! You can simply choose a smartphone that has a smaller display, such as the iPhone SE line of devices. Those gadgets are small and compact, offering some of the fastest processing speeds on the market.

On the other hand, plenty of smartphones nowadays come equipped with the so-called one-hand mode. This is a very useful functionality that will simply make the entire content from the display smaller in order to allow you to use the phone with just one hand. As a result, it doesn’t matter anymore if your phone’s display will be larger than you can handle as long as the one-hand mode is there to save the day!

Battery life

Let’s face it: being forced to carry a charger with you each time you leave the house is indeed very unpleasant, which is why taking the battery life of your future phone into account is also paramount. Lots of smartphones nowadays come with impressive battery power, as it can make the device last for even two days after a single full charge. Of course, these phones are usually more expensive than the rest, but it’s definitely worth investing a bit more for better quality.


Surely, you cannot buy the smartphone of your dreams if you don’t have enough money. You cannot get your hands on one for free, either, as generosity is in nobody’s trait list. Therefore, you need to have a budget prepared before you go out there and start looking for your next smartphone. If you’re aiming for premium devices such as the latest flagships from Samsung, Huawei, or Apple, you will have to spend around 1,000 euros for such a device. Midrange phones, on the other hand, cost around half that amount. If you can be satisfied with what an entry-level phone has to offer, you can get one at even 100 bucks.

Looking for the smartphone you wish for doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful, as the internet is loaded with information to help you get the best option for you.


By Francis E. Hagopian

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