Top Classic Beat ’em Up Games That You Need to Try

The series of posts regarding classic retro games continues, as the world of such games has been very generous to us! Even though a lot of young gamers nowadays wouldn’t conceive of playing retro games that were originally released for NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis consoles, those “ancient” games will remain forever in the hearts of older gamers.

Retro games such as those from the Double Dragon, Battle Toads, or MightyFinal Fight series have written history. The world of gaming nowadays would have probably been different if such games didn’t have the major impact they had back in the ’80s and ’90s.

Personally, I prefer long sessions of retro games from time to time, even though I mostly play what we now know as “modern games.” One of the reasons is that I grew up playing NES games such as Tank 1990, Super Mario Bros, Excite Bike, Battle Toads, and a lot more.

Streets of Rage

“Streets of Rage” is a beat ’em up game series developed by Sega and released for the Sega Genesis console. These games follow the exploits of three former cops: Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding. Their mission is to clean up the crime-ridden streets of the city where they live.

Streets of Rage is a game series known for vibrant graphics for its time, tight controls, and immersive soundtracks.

Battletoads & Double Dragon

Battletoads & Double Dragon has easily been one of the best beat ’em up games for the legendary 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console. This was a crossover beat ’em up game in which you get to choose between five protagonist characters. You can be either a Double Dragon or a Battletoad member, and those characters come with their own fighting moves. The animations and gameplay mechanics particularly stand out for this game, as they were at a completely different level than what we knew so far in the gaming world of the NES console.

As you progress through the game, your job is to defeat hordes of enemies in all sorts of creative ways. There are even bosses waiting for you at the end of each level, while the final boss is the Dark Queen, who specializes in playing with fire.


Battletoads is another exciting beat ’em up game for NES that has delighted our childhood. However, this game is particularly hard to play, as the bosses and enemies will frequently give you a hard time. However, you’ll always have some aces up your sleeve as you play with Zack, Pimple, or Rash. Each of these Battletoads has powerful fighting techniques.

With each level in Battletoads, the game gets significantly harder, and your job will be to do your best to achieve victory. This game has also been highly praised and for good reasons. The action is great, the animation looks smooth and very alive to the point that the game doesn’t look like one created for the NES console, and the examples could continue.

Mighty Final Fight

Mighty Final Fight is another beat ’em up game that has a cartoonish and anime vibe. There are three protagonist characters that look as if they were taken straight out of anime. However, they possess exceptional fighting skills, and they won’t hesitate to teach some manners to various enemies who attack them in hordes. The boss battles are also present in Mighty Final Fight, giving an extra level of excitement to the game.

Depending on which character you choose to be, you will have the chance to perform different special moves on your opponents. Punches kicks, throws, and even energy waves exist in this game that can keep you glued to your console for hours.

Which one of the games mentioned above attracts you the most and why? Feel free to tell us in the comment section!


Blast from the Past: The Best 2D Shooter Games of All Time

Even though the vast majority of the popular shooter games nowadays are in 3D, there was a time when 2D shooter games were the bees’ knees. Of course, 3D games offer us a lot more mobility when it comes to shooting enemies, but many of those who are passionate about gaming today have started their journey with 2D games for “ancient” platforms, such as Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, and more.

The 2D shooter games that we’ll be mentioning in this article have made numerous gamers stuck to their consoles for hours decades ago and have certainly played an important role in the evolution of gaming. Without further ado, let’s dive into detail:


The iconic “Contra” series pops out in pretty much any discussion about 2D shooters, and for good reasons. The series originally came out in arcades back in 1987, and it rapidly became a major success. As a player, you will be in charge of commandos who battle alien invaders and rogue military forces across side-scrolling levels that are teaming with foes and epic boss fights.

Contra is known for challenging difficulty levels, multiple weapons and power-ups, and more. Probably the best game of the series is Contra III: The Alien Wars for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).


If you want to play a vertical scrolling shoot ’em-up game, it means you should definitely give Ikaruga a try. This is a game developed by Treasure and first released for arcades in 2001. Ikaruga is known for allowing players to make the change between black and white energy to absorb or deal damage, while the game also offers a unique twist on traditional shooter gameplay.

The level design present in Ikaruga is challenging enough to keep you glued to your monitor if you haven’t been playing 2D shooters before. The visuals also look surprisingly well for a 2D shooter game, which can always be a plus in the book of any gamer interested in such titles.


Cuphead easily qualifies as a game that pays homage to the golden age of animation while it delivers a challenging and visually stunning 2D shooter experience. This game came out in 2017, and it captivated players with its jazzy soundtrack, hand-drawn art style, and punishing difficulty.

As a player of Cuphead, you will have to step in the shoes of either Cuphead or Mugman as you go through the Inkwell Isles, fighting against a colorful cast of anthropomorphic foes in their journey to repay a debt to the devil himself.

The boss fights present in Cuphead are especially exciting, as they were meticulously crafted, while the tight controls surely add an extra level of fun.

Metal Slug

“Metal Slug” is a 2D shooter game series known for its immersive graphics for its time, a high level of action, as well as quirky humor. These games will put you in the shoes of the Peregrine Falcon Squad as they have to fight against the sinister General Morden and his entire army. The series originally came out in 1996, and it’s known for responsive controls, detailed animations, and a chaotic multiplayer system.

“Metal Slug” has won the hearts of many gamers due to its diverse weapons, explosive set pieces, and colorful cast of characters.

2D shooter games will always be rich in timeless classics, each of them having its own role in the evolution of the gaming world. Probably modern shooters such as Counter-Strike or Call of Duty might have looked totally different without 2D games such as those from series such as Metal Slug, Contra, and others.


Top Survival Games for Low-RAM PCs That You Should Try

Let’s face it: when it comes to video games, too many of them are extremely intuitive and easy to play. Too many of them don’t require any kind of strategy or analytical thinking. That’s why we should pay special attention to survival games if we are into gaming, as they are a lot more demanding than open-world RPGs and shooters.

Survival games can put your mind to work a lot more than many other types of video games. While survival games are not for everybody, they can definitely be played by anyone as long as they invest a bit of intellectual effort and strategic thinking.

But guess what? Not everybody has a powerful PC at home that can run highly demanding games capable of ultra-modern graphics. That’s why we’re here to mention some of the best survival games that can be played even on low-RAM PCs, so feel free to grab a pen and a piece of paper and start making notes:


Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever created and for good reasons. This is a sandbox game that allows you to build and explore blocky worlds in pretty much any way you can imagine. Minecraft is basically a game in which “the only limit is your imagination,” so it’s easy to guess the kind of freedom that this game can grant you!

As for the survival mode of Minecraft, it can challenge you to gather resources, build shelter, and get rid of hostile creatures while you explore and craft your way throughout the game.


Terraria qualifies as a 2D sandbox game that’s teeming with building, exploration, and combat elements. If you choose to give this game a chance, you will get to build, craft, dig, and fight against monsters across a pixelated world that’s filled with secrets, treasures, and challenges.

As for the features that are present in Terraria, it needs to be said that this game offers multiple biomes, procedurally generated worlds, multiplayer support, boss battles, and even extensive crafting and building options. The modding community is also large and dedicated, and it can add even more content and features to the game.

The Forrest:

The Forrest is another highly immersive survival game that has been developed by the guys from Endnight Games. However, you definitely shouldn’t play this game if you’re faint of heart. That’s because The Forrest qualifies as a survival horror game that’s set on a mysterious island where cannibalistic mutants live. If you’re one of the players of The Forrest, your job is to build shelters, gather resources, craft weapons, as well as explore caves while you uncover the secrets of the island. You will ultimately have to find a way to escape.

The atmosphere present in The Forrest is obviously very terrifying, but there are a lot of elements that can grant you a great gameplay experience if you like survival horror games. The Forrest offers co-op multiplayer, survival mechanics, crafting, and base building, as well as a story-driven campaign mode.


Unturned is a free survival game developed by Smartly Dressed Games, and it’s set in a blocky, post-apocalyptic world that’s infested with zombies. As a player, your job will be to build shelter, scavenge for supplies, and fend off zombies and other players as you explore a generous open world.

The features offered by Unturned include multiplayer support, base building, simple graphics, vehicles, crafting, numerous weapons and equipment, and more.

Feel free to tell us in your comment section which is your favorite survival game and why! We’re happy to read everyone’s comments, as everybody has the right to an opinion!



GTA 6: Could Carl Johnson (aka CJ) From GTA San Andreas Make a Return?

Carl Johnson (aka CJ) is easily one of the most beloved characters in the Grand Theft Auto universe and for good reasons. He went a long road from being a simple ghetto boy to a millionaire. He is full of hatred and willing to do anything he can, even if it’s unorthodox, in order to achieve his ambitious goals.

While we know for sure that the long-awaited game GTA 6 is coming next year to consoles, we already have a decent amount of information about what to expect. We can expect a more diversified and huge open world than ever, a lot of social activities, a female protagonist (Lucia), and more. But if we take a look back at GTA history and at a few facts, we can rapidly realize that there’s a good chance for GTA 6 to include Carl Johnson (CJ) as well. Perhaps he won’t appear as one of the protagonist characters, but even so, the fans would appreciate his return. Let’s see why we believe that CJ would make a return in GTA 6!

GTA 5’s Franklin Clinton confirms that Rockstar remembers CJ

Franklin Clinton is one of the three protagonist characters that appear in GTA 5, the latest game of the Grand Theft Auto series. He shares a lot with the legendary Carl Johnson: both of them are black and have the ghetto lifestyle, both have pretty much the same accent and attitude, and the examples could continue. It’s obvious that by introducing Franklin Clinton to the GTA universe, Rockstar confirms that it hasn’t forgotten about CJ. Perhaps it was also a hint that the GTA San Andreas protagonist would make a return in the future of the series, and now you understand why it isn’t farfetched to believe that GTA 6 would include CJ somehow. Let’s just hope that if it is true, CJ will play a major role in the upcoming game, even though he most likely won’t be one of the protagonists!

 Grand Theft Auto’s history gives us hope

If you know anything at all about the history of GTA games, you know very well that the guys from Rockstar have a passion for bringing back old characters in one form or another. For instance, Rockstar has included Niko Bellic as a template in GTA Online, the online mode for GTA 5, in order to let players create their own characters. Niko Bellic is a Yugoslavian war veteran who appeared as the protagonist character for GTA 4, another one of Rockstar’s enormous successes.

Also, let’s not forget that Claude, the deadly silent protagonist character from GTA 3, has been added in GTA San Andreas as a side character. Claude appeared in GTA SA as the new boyfriend of Catalina, the hysterical woman who fell in love with CJ but became frustrated and tried to get revenge on him.

Therefore, given the history of the GTA series that shows how Rockstar likes to bring back old characters in one way or another, we can realistically hope that CJ will indeed be included in the highly-anticipated game GTA 6, at least as a side character.

What’s your take on the subject? Do you believe that Carl Johnson (aka CJ) will indeed be included in GTA 6 or not? Feel free to tell us in the comment section and bring your own arguments to support the claim!


Counter-Strike 2 or Global Offensive: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Back in September 2023, the guys from Valve surprised many of us through a free upgrade to Counter-Strike 2 for those who have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive installed on their gaming rigs. The famous American developer and publisher has raised the stakes even more by granting a set of exciting gameplay and graphics tweaks for the good old Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But as expected, not everybody was delighted by the move.

CS: GO is 12 years old, but even so, it accumulated an impressive number of fans in a relatively short amount of time. That’s because CS: GO is practically CS 1.6 on steroids: more maps, better graphics, a bunch of new weapons, and a few other gameplay tweaks. CS: GO rapidly became a phenomenon by taking advantage of the enormous legacy of the iconic Counter-Strike 1.6 that came out in the year 2000.

With Counter-Strike 2 now being available as a free upgrade for those who already have CS: GO installed, is it really worth grabbing the new game? Let’s try to find out!

CS 2 has better graphics, but there’s a catch

As expected, the guys from Valve improved the graphics of the older CS: GO and released it in the form of CS 2. In other words, CS 2 is more like a modern adaptation of the legendary Counter-Strike universe, as the graphics definitely look better. But that comes at a big price in the case of those who don’t have much storage space on their computers, as you know what they say that you cannot have them all in life: CS 2 requires 85GB of free storage space, while CS: GO can only work with 30GB.

While there’s no denying that CS2 looks better than CS: GO when it comes to graphics, the former also requires more storage space and a more powerful PC configuration overall. This means that upgrading to CS2 is not a wise move if your PC cannot run it smoothly enough. And yes, online games such as Counter-Strike definitely need to be run smoothly if you want to compete with others.

CS: GO is more stable

Don’t be surprised if you run into some nasty bugs and errors when you run CS2 for the first time. The game is not exactly stable, which means that it surely can have the potential of making you pull your hair out, especially if you dive directly into online matches in which you need a very stable game and internet connection. It’s best to play against bots when you run CS2 for the first time, a move that can surely save you a lot of mental health and precious objects that you may have around you and that you could consider breaking.

On the other hand, CS: GO is a more stable game, considering that the guys from Valve had a lot of time to update it during the 12 years the game has since it came out. CS: GO is a legend, and it’s pretty difficult to find any annoying bugs that can ruin your gaming experience.


Switching to CS2 is definitely worth it if you want to benefit from a better-looking and more immersive Counter-Strike game. CS2 also brings some exciting gameplay improvements besides the looks. On the other hand, it’s not worth upgrading to CS2 if your PC is not capable of running demanding graphics at smooth speeds.

Feel free to tell us your own opinion regarding the “CS2 vs. CS:GO” debate! The comment section awaits you!

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