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Markets Pilot Broker Review – Uncovering the Pros & Cons Involved

Introduction to Markets Pilot

Click World Ltd. is the company that owns and operates Markets Pilot broker. Ever since its inception, this broker has been providing quality services to crypto traders across the world. The headquarters of Click World Ltd. is in Roseau – the capital city of Dominica, located in the Eastern Caribbean. With Marketspilot broker, users get to trade close to a hundred cryptocurrencies, which include crypto pairs as well as the crypto-fiat currency pairs.

Note that only cryptos can be traded with this broker, and any other asset classes that belong to Forex, Indices, and Stocks, etc. are not available. This Markets Pilot review is unbiased and is not written favoring any of the parties. By the end of this review, you will be able to decide if this broker is for you or not.

Index – Markets Pilot Review

  • Account Types Offered
  • Available Trading Platforms
  • Amazing Trading Features
  • Deposit & Withdrawal Methods
  • Customer Support
  • Conclusion

 Account Types Offered

Markets Pilot broker offers different types of accounts for their users. Traders get to pick any of these account types depending on their trading requirements. Let’s understand each of these accounts in detail.

Student Account is the most basic account type available with Marketspilot broker. The initial deposit required to open this account is $1,000. Traders get to use the amazing Sirix trading software to trade the live markets. Additional services provided in this account include personal account manager, live webinar once a month, and an economic calendar. The maximum leverage that can be availed is capped at 200X.

The advanced account comes with all the trading features of Student Account plus an expert advisor service. The initial deposit required to open this account is $5,000, and traders in this account get to access one live webinar every week.

The initial deposit required to open the Semi-Managed Account is $10,000. Leverage in this account is capped at 500X, and traders get to access three live webinars per week.

Fully Managed Account requires $25,000 as an initial deposit. Here, traders get additional access to unlimited live webinars, weekly reports, and automated strategies.

Pro Account has all the features of Fully Managed account along with some in-depth research tools. The initial deposit required to open this account is $100,000.

In the Expert Account, traders get personal support form a Crypto expert, and they will also get help in their portfolio construction. The minimum initial deposit required is $500,000.

1 Million Club, as the name suggests, needs one million dollars as an initial deposit. Individual trading with a crypto specialist and crypto expert sessions are the crucial attractions while trading in this account.

Available Trading Platforms

Markets Pilot broker, in collaboration with Sirix, provides a world-class trading platform for its users. There are three different versions of Sirix trading software for Desktop, Web, and Smartphones/Tablets. Sirix Station is the desktop trading software that works just like the industry-grade MT4 service. Sirix Web Trader is for the users who want to trade on the go without having to download any trading software.

Finally, Sirix mobile application is available on both Android and IOS operating systems. We have tried all of these platforms, and they work pretty great. They comprise of all the tools required for an intermediate trader to ace the markets. However, these platforms can’t be compared with MT4 because they lack some advanced tools like auto trading bots, customizable tools, etc.

Amazing Trading Features

Sirix platform comes with great trading features. The platform is neatly organized and extremely easy to navigate and trade. Let’s understand some of the great features of the Sirix Web Trader. Below is how the charts look on the web trading terminal. We can see the neatly organized buy/sell buttons on the trading terminal, which are convenient for one-click trading.

All types of trading orders like buy/sell limit orders, buy/sell stop orders, stop-loss, and take-profit orders can be placed using this platform.

More than fifty technical Indicators can be applied on to the charts while trading with the Sirix web trader. These are well-proven indicators in the market and are backtested by best traders across the globe.

Social trading is one additional feature that is embedded in all the Sirix trading platforms. Using this feature, traders get to copy the signals from the top-ranked traders around the world.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

It is fairly a simple process to deposit and withdraw funds from your Marketspilot trading account. Mainly there are four deposit methods – Electronic Cards, Wire transfer, ePay, and Bitcoin.

The deposits happen very quickly for all the methods except for the bank transfer. When it comes to withdrawal, uses can’t withdraw funds just like that. First, they need to send a withdrawal request from their Markets Pilot account. Then a personal account manager will verify the request and the reason for the withdrawal. Once this process is done, the request will be forwarded to the payments teams, and users will receive the funds almost instantly.

Customer Support

Marketspilot broker’s customer care team works 24/5, and they can be reached through phone, email, and live chat options. Below are the details of the same. We personally found the live chat option to be great as we got instant solutions for the queries we had.

Phone +44 2080-898169
Live Chat Available. Click the chat option on the bottom right corner of the Markets Pilot official website.
Office Location MAP



Despite being a brand new broker, Marketspilot has been top quality crypto trading services that can be compared with some of the greats in the industry. They almost have all the pieces in place except for the regulations. Also, we can say that the initial deposit for the basic Student Account is a bit high. If you don’t mind these cons, we would recommend you to definitely try this broker to start or better your crypto trading journey. We hope you found this Marketspilot review informative. Cheers.

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Best and Safest VPNs You Can Buy with Bitcoin

People need to understand that their personal data needs to stay safe. It’s understandable why many people ask themselves how to protect their privacy.

A VPN should be enough to protect your data. When you open a tab to go on the internet, your browser will make a request that runs through your ISP. This request is then going to be sent to a DNS server, which will point your browser to the right IP.

The VPN is supposed to secure your privacy when you’re online, by encrypting your request and replacing the IP with an anonymous one. Did you know that you can buy a VPN with Bitcoin?

We’re prepared the best VPNs you can buy now with Bitcoin.


This one has no logging policy, so they won’t keep any personal data that belongs to you or any internet traffic information. It uses the AES 256-bit encryption, which is the same used by Apple and Microsoft. ExpressVPN has the fastest download speed from all the VPN. It costs $12.95 a month, but the price will decrease if you choose to go for the six month plan, at the price of ($9.99).


This one cannot compare with ExpressVPN when it comes to speed, but it’s not the slowest one on the market. It has 256-bit encryption and it comes with the no-logging policy. It also has the Double Data Protection, which means that your data will go through 2 VPN servers – all your data will be encrypted twice. You can connect up to 6 devices at the same time, and you can enjoy Netflix and Torrent with this one. You pay $5.75 per month if you choose the yearly plan. If you’re going to the 2-year plan, the price gets to $3.29 a month. They also have a 3-year plan, for the price of $2.75 a month.

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Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum: What Should We Say About Prices


Ripple is quickening the falls endured amid the most recent days. XRP/USD is drilling supports, moving midpoints and pattern lines in huge auctions. In spite of this development, that may get into the skin of loads of Ripple holders, the every day outline markers still don’t demonstrate a frenzy circumstance and still keep a preferably positive than negative standpoint.

If Ripple loses the present level, it’s hard to see any longer backings until $0.55, with not very many margins for the bulls, as the main staying significant support would be at $0.4554, a relative low before getting into current year lows. On the other hand, all the lost levels are currently resistances. They are situated at $0.713, $0.7365, $0.7639 and $0.80.


Bitcoin has achieved the support level that manages the Diamond formation trendline that was broken a week ago. BTC/USD has ceased at $8696 and has recouped the support level situated at $8830. On the off chance that the bearish leg stops at the present levels, it would be sure in the mid-term, as it would coordinate the breaking, affirmation and continuation patterns.

Underneath the present value, the current support is at $8830, trailed by the day’s lows in the previously mentioned $8696 level, in the event that this one is without space to go down to $8400 and $7860.

On the other hand, first resistance is at $9150, trailed by $9649 and $10100 as the third resistance.


Ethereum is additionally encountering some bearish runs, nearing basic levels to its mid-term viewpoint as well. In this specific situation, Ethereum is trading underneath the trendline that has been going about as help since mid-April. ETH/USD has come to the $685 stamp to skip then endeavoring to recuperate the $700 check, right where it is battling at the time of this written work. Above here, recovering $755 and the significant $813 would give ETH a perfect circumstance to assault unrivaled levels.

Beneath the present value level, if $696 is lost, next backings are at $648 and $621.

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Bitcoin and the Banking System – What’s Next?

For a time, some people have thought that cryptocurrencies are amazing and the state of the art and that the fact that the financial system is wary of them and in some cases is even rejecting them show shows how little the financial system knows about trying to adapt and including other forms of payment. However, it now looks like the financial system knew more about the matter and that cryptocurrencies were only suffering from a form of arrogance.

Claims against Lightning

Lightning is a second-layer network that will hopefully bring Bitcoin to the mainstream level. Now we are not exaggerating when we are saying that Lightning is a very complex system that is difficult to explain both to someone with little experience that is trying to understand it and also to someone within the community. However, a claim is going around that states that Lightning is not an IOU. The argument around this issue ill-based and easy to deconstruct, it all fixates on linking this statement with a hefty discussion about how banks employ an IOU system.

There is also talk going around that Lightning has only been created so that the banking industry could have a way to get their hands on Bitcoin and operate it remotely. Yet again, this argument is flawed and far away from the truth. Have we mentioned by now that these two arguments come from an article written by Cryptoconomy where he states his opinions about Lightning? If not, it is only right that we do so because it is not fair that we do not.

One of the last argument of this discussion about Lightning that we would like to state is that Lightning does have the potential to become a worthy competitor to VISA, but that will only happen in the future with the condition that Lightning will be set on a path of constant growth and evolution.

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JPMorgan To Get Sued for Bitcoin Fraud

On the off chance that Jamie Dimon didn’t have confidence that karma can change his plans, he might be an adherent at this point.

So what happened?

JPMorgan has been hit with a lawsuit on affirmations of attaching unannounced layers of expenses in addition to enthusiasm in the wake of surprising the feet of digital currency financial specialists, as indicated by a Reuters report. No big surprise the decentralized upset has arrived.

The bank put the kibosh on credit card buys for digital forms of money prior this year when it additionally started contention by regarding crypto buys as loans, the last of which summon higher expenses. JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon scandalously called Bitcoin a misrepresentation a while back, and now those words are causing issues down the road for him.

The plaintiff, Brady Tucker, is from Idaho and the claim was documented in a New York court. He asserts that JPMorgan charged extra layers of expenses and considerably higher interest on the loans versus what they charge for credit card buys. The bank declined to move.

A Chase representative disclosed to Reuters that while the bank put a restriction on charge card buys for Bitcoin and Altcoins, they did as such due to the credit risk which was included and called attention to the fact that clients could, in any case, utilize their financial records-liked check cards for buys and bypass expenses. JPMorgan wasn’t the main bank to boycott charge card use for Bitcoin, as Bank of America, Citi and others made similar moves in the midst of a pullback in the Bitcoin cost in the new year.

About the lawsuit

In the interim, the plaintiff is battling back subsequent to being charged these additional expenses, incorporating more than $140 in charges and another $20, in addition to in- sudden interest charges fixing to almost about 6 transactions ideal about a similar time Chase executed the boycott.

As per the claim, there are hundreds and conceivably thousands of other Chase clients who were correspondingly met with these unforeseen expenses in their records. While the suit might be about the charges, it wouldn’t astonishment to discover that it’s additionally about the principles.

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