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Branding Tips: How to Establish a Brand for Your Business

Running a small business is no easy thing. If you do it right, branding can really help in making your business popular – and it doesn’t matter what industry or niche we’re talking about. Truth be told, people don’t buy the product, they buy the brand. They like what they see; they praise the brand. Take a look at Apple – see what we’re talking about?

Banding can be overwhelming, it costs a lot of money and it takes a lot of time. Does it, though?

What exactly is branding?

Branding is, basically, what makes the difference between one business and all the others – what’s so special about it. Take Coca-Cola, for example, and their secret recipe.

Who’s the target audience?

You need to create a customer persona for your business in order to understand which target audience you are looking for. This way, you’ll also take better marketing decisions. Think about your products and who might want to buy them. Think about their age, sex, the target location, If these persons are employed or not, and their possible income.

The name of the business

You need to choose a name that’s going to represent your business. For example, you need to make sure that the name of the domain and the social media handles are ready for the business. You can search on Google the name to see if there’s another business named like that. It’s very important that there’s no other business with the same name. Also, make sure it’s not too long, but easy to spell and pronounce. If you get a name that’s difficult to pronounce it would be hard for people to remember it.

The logo of the business

After you’ve chosen a name for your business, and you found out who’s your target audience, it’s time to design a logo for your company. Many brands pay a lot of money for the logo, but since your business, it’s probably small, then you can create your own logo. There are many tools which can help you with that, and you can use them for free.

Social media’s impact

When using social media, you establish your business and you help in the sale, but it’s also about the reputation you build online. The photos should be aligned with your business name and the logo. Also, make sure that you answer the messages on Facebook and Twitter – just be active and be there. You might not want to always post about your products and your overall business. Be funny for your audience.

It’s important to have an account on every platform. You may use them or not, but people will get to know you and your company better this way.

It’s about local presence, too

You need to make your business known locally, too. If you live in a big city, it might not be such a big problem, but if you own a small business in a small city, or a rural area, then you need to make your business known. It will improve the sales and, if you want to hire, it will not be a big problem.

It’s overwhelming to develop a brand. It’s the most important thing in your business, and it will take most of your attention and focus. There are many opportunities out there and you need to learn how to take advantage of every one of them. Timing is also important, to make sure you take the chances when it’s time. It depends on what kind of business you are in, but it should be enough to follow your guts.

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