Bitcoin (BTC) Price Soared Thanks To The Recent Increased Interest In Cryptocurrencies Market

After a long time of being characterized by falls in prices of crypto coins, the cryptocurrencies investors and holders celebrate the rise in the prices of the digital assets on the cryptocurrencies market. In the last hours, all the cryptocurrencies had a constant growth. Bitcoin (BTC), in special, increased by 4% in the last 24 hours.

From December to January, the cryptocurrencies market was only trying to stabilize but until February almost all the crypto coins experienced one of their biggest falls ever.

In total, the cryptocurrencies market went down from $500,000 million to $248,000 million.

Bitcoin (BTC) price shot up in just 1 hour

For example, recently, Bitcoin (BTC), in just one hour, jumped from about $7,000 to above $8,000, this being a price that hasn’t been seen since March.

On the other hand, Ethereum (ETH), the 2nd crypto coin in the world by market cap, increased by more than 6% in the last 24 hours, trading right now around $523.

The Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at exactly $8,275.57, registering an increase by about 4%.

This price increase is a bit difficult to explain but everything points to that it is due to the interest of several big investors. Another reason is that there may be entries from private companies.

Some of the possible reasons why Bitcoin (BTC) price soared

George Soros and Venrock Venture Capital, from the Rockefeller investment group, bought Bitcoin (BTC), apparently, as part of their cryptocurrencies investment plans.

In addition, Yahoo Japan announced that it will buy 40% of BitARG, a cryptocurrencies exchange, based in Tokyo. Of course this fact caused new investors to enter the market.

Also, as it is so difficult to understand how the world of cryptocurrencies works, a new Japanese music female band decided to explain how the cryptocurrencies market operates through music. The women, nicknamed after crypto coins,  talk about issues such as data mining and some investment advice that buyers should follow and they do it via the lyrics of their songs.

All these facts seem to helped Bitcoin (BTC) price, in special, to rise up and the cryptocurrencies market, in general, to stabilize.


Gifto (GTO) Can Be The Future Most Appreciated Crypto Coin By Cryptocurrencies Investors

Gifto (GTO) has lately reached the $0.23 level against the USD and gained a market cap of about $65 million. Taking a glance at the coin’s historical data, it is obvious that GTO increased by approximately 25% in the last week, precisely. Can Gifto (GTO) become the future favorite crypto asset for cryptocurrencies investors?

Cryptocurrencies market expanded recently more than ever

Now, taking into account that during the last months, the whole cryptocurrency market has been massively debated within the investors’ communities, we shall wait and see what will come out from this cryptocurrencies frenzy.

Also, since the cryptocurrencies market seems to maturate and expand more than ever, the crypto investors present difficulties on both which crypto asset to invest on and on which direction to place their orders.

On the other hand, most people heard of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP). Actually, many articles, ads, and debates revolve around these 3 coins, which, in fact, represent the top 3 of the cryptocurrencies market.

Gifto (GTO) is an Altcoin you should keep an eye on for the future

As I’ve said in the introduction, at the moment of this article, Gifto (GTO) is trading at $0.23, increasing by about 8.6% in the last 24 hours. Besides, also in the last 24 hours, GTO volume increased with about $5 million.

Some Gifto (GTO) price long-term predictions reveal that GTO is possible to touch the $0.6 level by mid-2018 and may even trade at $0.8 by the end of the year.

Besides, Gifto (GTO) has reliable project behind it and a gorgeous idea that backs it up. Namely, Gifto (GTO) is designed to work as a reward system on social media, helping fans to easily reward the favorite content creators using the decentralized blockchain technology behind Gifto.

In conclusion, there is more than Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Ripple (XRP). There are plenty of interesting cryptocurrencies which are backed up by interesting ideas and strong blockchain technologies and which might, sometime in the future, go to the Moon. Gifto (GTO), in my opinion, is one of the most promising crypto coins, at the moment, but, as you already know perhaps, cryptocurrencies market is volatile and anything can happen.


Crypto News

Canadian Banks Started To Limit Their Clients’ Cryptocurrencies Transactions

Adopting the course set by other banks and governmental institutions from all over the world regarding cryptocurrencies regulations, Bank of Montreal, a top 5 bank in Canada, has also decided to opt for a conservative position regarding cryptocurrencies market.

In March, there were rumors that the Bank of Montreal issued an internal memorandum which read that crypto regulations are in the plan. However, now it is official that the Bank doesn’t allow anymore its clients to buy cryptocurrencies using their account and credit/debit cards issued by the bank, arguing that this decision was taken “to better protect the security of the clients and the bank.”

In Canada, there is a recent trending followed by banks which restrict more and more their clients’ freedom of transacting cryptocurrencies.

Thus, Scotiabank has hindered VISA transactions related to cryptocurrencies and Toronto-Dominion Bank banned crypto purchases made with the bank-issued credit cards.

The banks are struggling to ban cryptocurrencies-related transactions

Many banks from every corner of the world have endeavored to work against cryptocurrencies market.

Commonwealth Bank, Danske Bank, and Citigroup are just a few of the important names of the banking industry which keeps on limiting their clients’ capacity of buying cryptocurrencies. Even more, there have been cases in which these banks even froze clients’ accounts without any notice if crypto-related transactions were registered.

However, these hostile tactics have demonstrated to be futile attempts because cryptocurrencies experienced holders and investors in Canada, for example, redirected their activities to regional gatherings and exchanging operators, making it possible for websites like Localbitcoins to boost in traffic directed from Canada since the beginning of April.

Cryptocurrencies still have supporters among the Canadian financial institutions

For example, TMX Group has declared earlier its intentions to release a cryptocurrency exchange platform and, along with Shorcan Digital and PayCase Financial, they also work on developing a cryptocurrencies brokerage service.

In conclusion, adopting the international trending regarding the crypto assets, major banks of Canada opted for a more conservative policy regarding cryptocurrencies market by limiting their clients’ ability to buy cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin (BTC) Prices Continue To Consolidate

Bitcoin (BTC) prices continued to move in a range close to their support zone and consolidated because of the lack of support for the price as this movement has kept prices close to the minimums in their range.

The bulls need to do something very soon and clarify their intentions because, otherwise, the bear traders would leave their positions and get off market if they won’t notice gains with their opened bullish positions.

This will most probably be the trending for the bear traders if the BTC price’s consolidation continues to drag on for a long period of time and this would be something the traders should protect their investments against.

The value of BTC has not been capable to keep the gaining uptrend above the $7,000 level and this trend has to be an issue the bulls.

Bitcoin (BTC) prices continue to consolidate

The price consolidation is not only affecting the trading value of BTC but it seems that all the cryptocurrencies market is affected by similar conditions.

On the other hand, the USD was not too strong at this time, so it’s still a big surprise that the cryptocurrencies market wasn’t capable of gaining momentum today and score huge gains against the Dollar.

However, this proves the sentiment that was characterizing the Bitcoin (BTC) market and the crypto market, in general, at this time because the speculations and fast traders become fewer and fewer on the cryptocurrencies market, as this market started to maturate more.

Forecasts regarding Bitcoin (BTC)

Looking ahead for today and tomorrow morning, there are not notable predictions to make on the cryptocurrencies market and most probably more consolidation and in-range prices movements are expected. However, it is possible that the Bitcoin (BTC) support level to be under pressure, once again, and, thus, the investors and traders should keep an eye on the market and be alert on the price movements.

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