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How to Create Fake WhatsApp Messages using the Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

WhatsApp is one of the most widespread apps in the modern world and it very often comes pre-installed on brand new smartphones. You can create your own WhatsApp account using your phone number and once you do so, you are ready to go. This app allows you to send and receive messages, images, videos and texts. Moreover, since WhatsApp was bought by Facebook you can also call all your friends using your internet connection.

What is the Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator?

In case you wonder if there is any way to make fun of your friends on WhatsApp, we have good news for you, as a webpage called Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator can help you do exactly that. This small tool allows you to create a picture that resembles an iPhone screenshot, which shows fake messages.

How to use the Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator?

In order to generate your own fake messages, you need to access the webpage mentioned above, where you will be able to choose phone, battery and connection options. Then you will be allowed to provide this tool with some essential details, such as your WhatsApp name, profile picture, internet connection, mobile network operator, battery percentage and clock time on your phone.

Once you finish completing your details, you will need to add messages to your WhatsApp chat. You will have an option to modify them so that they look as real as possible. The messages that were added to the conversation can be deleted afterwards. As soon as the chat is fully created, you can click on the “Download” button located at the bottom of the page, which will allow you to save your fake WhatsApp conversation in a form of a PNG image.

It is only up to you to decide what to do with such file, but surely it is fun to share it on your social media profiles.

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