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Firefox 67 Update Comes With New Filters and Privacy Extensions To Block Annoying Content

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, then you must know the latest features regarding the privacy. The company has added for the desktop version of Firefox, new privacy features. You can now enable tracker protection, block content, and you now have a password manager and other optional security and privacy extensions in Firefox 76. If you have downloaded the new upgrade for Firefox, then the features are set on by default, but you will also need to enable and configure some features.

Before we start to explain how to do the changes, you must check if you have the latest Firefox version installed. You can do that by going to Options, from the three-stacked line above, and scroll until you find Firefox Updates. If the Firefox is updated, you don’t have to do anything, if not you will choose to install it manually. After that, click on Restart your Firefox for Update.

Firefox 67 comes with new filters, privacy extensions, and other features

Firefox 67 launched with a whole bunch of new functions, mostly related to security and privacy. Here’s the complete list of the new features in Firefox 67:

  • Security and Privacy Options – with this change, you will have shortcuts to new content such as blocking settings and other privacy options in the list.
  • Cookie Protection and Content Blocking – with this new feature, Firefox will block content from third-party trackers and cookies as well. You can choose the option where all cookies are being auto-deleted when the browser is being closed. A lot of settings can be found on Options-Privacy & Security, such as Standard level of protection, Strict, or Custom for new users.
  • Privacy Extensions – the browser will support new add-ons for your browser regarding security and privacy.
  • Password Manager – with the new desktop edition of Firefox Lockwise extension, the browser will store and manage all your passwords. The feature is useful because all the passwords and usernames will be saved without another extension, and they will sync with your mobile too.
  • Monitor Dashboard – with this feature, Firefox will search to see if your email addresses have ever been compromised. You can add the Monitor dashboard on your browser, and you will receive alerts if your addresses are being compromised.
  • Facebook Container add-on – with this browser extension, Facebook is being kept away from other activities on your browser. After installing it, you will no longer see the share, like button on other sites.

Firefox 67 update is already available, and you can download and install it.

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