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Xiaomi Mi 8 SE with Android Q Spotted in GeekBench

Back in the day, it took months or even years for an Android update to reach all devices. However, things are becoming to change and new Android versions become available faster. The current Android version is Android 9 Pie and most new mobile phones have it pre-installed.

We already know that Google Pixel is the first smartphone that gets the updates, but we did not know which smartphones were next. Thanks to GeekBench we discovered that Xiaomi will be the next manufacturer that will offer Android Q. Recent leaks revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE had tests based on the Android Q system. It was tested back on November 25.

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

According to the leaked information, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE tested 1830 on the single-core score and 5819 on the multi-core score. The device has the Snapdragon 710 processor. The device comes with a 5.88-inch Samsung AMOLED notch display and it has the classical 5.2-inch dimensions, but with a larger display. The smartphone also comes with 6 GB RAM, a front 20 MP camera, a rear 12MP + 5MP AI dual-camera. By all means, this phone is considered a “small screen flagship”.

Android Q

It is hard to believe that Android Q will be released next spring, since Android 9 Pie has been released for three months. At the moment 0.1% of Android users have this Android version, which means that even more will have outdated versions once Android Q is released.

Each Android version uses the name of a sweet treat. For Android 9 we had Pie, for Android 8 we had Oreo, and so on. When it comes to the letter “Q” there aren’t many options available. Users did manage to find a couple such as queen of puddings, quaker oats, or quiche.

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