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Google Earth Latest Update Download Available – Changes How You Explore the World

There are thousands of apps that people can use to have fun, but all of them pale in comparison with Google Earth. Truth be told, Google Earth is not about entertainment but about exploring the world! This app has an interesting story since it was initially developed specially for the CIA, but Google decided that it was better to release it to the wide public and this was a great decision because the app allows everyone to basically fly all around the world just like a superhero would.

Exploring the World

If you always dreamed of visiting new locations around the world but never had the time or money to do it, you can always download the app and fly through all the popular landmarks such as Tokyo, Rome or even New York for example.

All landmarks are represented in 3D and this goes hand in hand with the Street View mode which allows people to travel around places that they never visited before. Nonetheless, the Android parent is looking to take Google Earth to the next level by adding a new feature called Photos Layer.

Google Earth

The latest update for Google Earth changes the app’s version number to and it introduces a new and exciting feature. The feature is called Photos Layer and its going to enhance the way people can explore the world through Google Earth.

Photos Layer

The new feature is going to be available for everyone in the menu panel and it gives people the ability to upload pictures of their local landmarks and sightseeing spots. Considering that Google Earth is now going to feature user-contributed photos, people will be able to explore new locations just like the locals would do.

Nonetheless, the update is available in form of APK right now but its going to be rolled out OTA (over the air) in the nearby future. With that said, Google Earth fans should be on the lookout for any new notifications because the update should arrive anytime now.

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Google Earth Update Adds New “Photos Layers” Feature

Google Earth is without a doubt one of the best apps ever made. This app basically gives everyone the ability to “fly” over the world and discover new places directly through their smartphones or PCs. The best thing about Google Earth is the fact it doesn’t only give people a way of exploring the world, but also a way of showing off their locations by uploading pictures through the newly added “Photos Layer” feature.

Google Earth APK

The latest update for Google Earth changes the app’s version number to and its available in form of APK. Considering that APK is an acronym for “Android Package Kit”, this update is currently exclusive to Android users, but it will be rolled out OTA (over the air) to everyone in the upcoming future.

Photos Layers

Nonetheless, the reason why Google rolled out this new update is because it wanted to introduce Photos Layers. This new feature makes it possible for people all around the world to upload pictures of their surroundings and share them with everyone.

Therefore, Google Earth users will be able to explore new locations and see photos of the locals or famous spots around that place. In fact, this is how Google Earth’s developers describe this latest feature in the patch notes: “See the world through another’s eyes with the new Photos Layer”.

User Contributed Pictures

What’s interesting about this feature is that it relies on users to work. Therefore, every picture that is uploaded on Photos Players has been taken by normal users who simply want to share the beauty of their hometown with the world. With that being said, we can be sure that Google Earth is going to be filled with cool photos in no time.

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