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Google Play Services 12.6.87 Update Download Available – Android OS Better User Experience

We think it’s safe to say that Google’s latest Android 8.1 Oreo operating system has been a massive success. Google releases a new version of its operating system every year and the Android parent always manages to improve its performance through new features and apps. Obviously, everyone knows about popular features such as the Pixel Launcher and Camera modes, but there are many other “silent features” that play an important role in making the operating system feel premium.

Google Play Services is one of the features that helps Android 8.1 Oreo provide users with a premium experience. However, most people don’t even know what Google Play Services does and this is why there are tens of reports posted by people who complain that their smartphones started malfunctioning after they deleted Google Play Services in order to free up storage space.

The Important of Google Play Services

In case you didn’t know, Google Play Services is used to automatically update Google-owned apps directly from Google Play. In addition, Google Play Services also makes sure that other third-party apps can download their own updates instead of forcing users to do it manually.

Another important role that Google Play Services serves in the Android ecosystem is providing core functionality such as authentication to different Google services, privacy settings and synchronized contacts.

Google Play Services 12.6.87

Since we made it clear that Google Play Services is an important component in the Android ecosystem, no one should be surprised to find out that Google keeps rolling out new updates to it. These updates don’t include any features and instead, they are focused towards improving Google Play Services’ stability and overall performance.

With that said, Android fans who want to make sure that their smartphone is running at full capacity should make sure to get the new Google Play Services 12.6.87 update as soon as possible.

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