Android GPS Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

The GPS is a key feature of all Android smartphones. There are endless uses for the GPS such as setting navigation routes when traveling to unknown locations or finding interesting places. Therefore, the GPS is quite important and no one likes it when it malfunctions, but this doesn’t meant that the GPS signal will work at all times.

There are many reports from Android smartphone owners which show that their GPS randomly started malfunctioning. The worst thing about this issue is that the GPS doesn’t stop from functioning and it shows wrong locations instead. Fortunately, we know just the right methods of fixing this issue and we are going to list them right now.

Airplane Mode

The first thing that we advise all Android fans to do whenever their GPS starts acting weird is to activate Airplane Mode. This feature can be easily enabled by pulling down the notification menu and tapping on it. Airplane Mode needs to be disabled after a couple of seconds and the GPS signal will come back.

Big Phone Case

People love to cover their smartphones in phone cases because it protects them against scratches while making them look cooler at the same time. However, what many people don’t know is that big phone cases will interfere with the GPS signal. With that said, Android smartphone owners might want to remove their phone case and check to see if the GPS signal is better without it.

Google Maps Software Update

Android smartphones rely on Google Maps in order to provide users with navigation routes and location information. Therefore, Google Maps needs to be constantly updated so that it works properly and this can be easily done by accessing the Google Play Store and allowing Google Maps to automatically update itself.

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