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Key Strategies when Implementing Plug & Play IoT Solutions

The numbers of IoT devices that are truly plug& play is quite limited. In most cases, an array of errors and technical difficulties can be encountered during setup or when the system is started for the first time. In order to improve the usage and reliability of such systems, it is suggested to follow the comprehensive guide that can be found below.

The key purpose of the deployment is to place battery-powered devices in the areas where they need and collect the data that is being gathered in a manner that will allow the use and interpretation of the information that is provided.

  1. Do not use a generic DIY or wired solution.

DIY solutions are tempting since they are more affordable but they come with several problems. Trained people will be needed in order to mount and configure the devices and gateways and a patchy wired solution defeats the purpose of using IoT sensors in the first place.

  1. Don’t rely on occasion metering data in order to take business decisions

IoT sensors are able to provide a high amount of useful data that has the potential to improve the overall performance of a business. It is important to keep in mind that most metering systems will offer updated data after a reasonable amount of time has passed.  Real-time decisions should take into account the information provided by this data but you shouldn’t rely on it for major decisions. It is always advised to run a comprehensive analysis of the current status of the business before a major decision is taken.

  1. Secure and reliable solutions

The use of a secure IoT solution is a priority. A reliable system will reduce the costs in the long run by requiring minimal maintenance fees and providing a stable stream of information.

  1. Overall optimization

It is critical to optimize the system in order to obtain the best results possible. This can be done by scaling the deployment according to the needs of your business and avoiding investment in unnecessary peripherals.

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