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iPad Mini has an Interesting Role in in its Line – It’s the Most Suitable for Educational Purposes

iPad Mini users have been waiting for their favorite device’s 5th generation for three years. So far, there was no sign that is planning to release the iPad Mini 5, but as we’re heading towards 2019, rumors about the launch of a new item in the iPad Mini line-up are becoming more and more realistic.

In some way, this device paved the way to larger iPhones generation. iPad Minis have evolved a lot since the 1st to the 4th version, which we can use today. Even if the device hasn’t been updated in 3 years, it still remains suitable for educational use.

Kids and parents love iPad Minis

Now that the iPad Mini 5 is getting closer and closer, let’s see why students and parents think that this line of devices from Apple is the most suitable for educational purposes. We will analyze iPad Mini 4’s features.

Even if the Mini version is not as powerful as the larger iPads (with A8 chip and 2GB of RAM), children rather use the aforementioned device instead of bigger versions. Also, the iPad Mini has a few ”fit for school” specs.

  • Thanks to its 7.9 inch size, the tablet offers a better experience while reading eBooks;
  • You can use the iPad Mini even in cramped spaces, so it’s perfect if you want to watch a movie or videos while you are traveling on an airplane. Besides, iPad Mini 4 can easily handle this type of activity, even if the screen needs some improvements;
  • Kids can use the iPad for taking notes or drawing.

Predictions for the future

If we were to consider the trends from the tech market, we would expect to see an iPad Mini 5 with A10 chip and that could support all models of Apple Pencils. Until we learn more and actually get to see the new device, all we can do is wait.

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