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LINE: Free Calls & Messages 9.2.2 For Android Is Available With New Camera Features And More

Nowadays, the general impression is that people don’t communicate enough because of the excessive use of technology. It’s true that we spend a lot of time in front of our computers, laptops or tablets and that we use our smartphones for much more than talking and sending messages. On the other hand, we cannot deny the fact that technology helps us maintain contact with friends and family even when we are millions of miles away. Instant messaging apps are the ones that facilitate this worldwide interaction and LINE: Free Calls & Messages is one of them.

Now, LINE: Free Calls & Messages 9.2.2 for Android rolled out with several new features.

People who want to talk to their friends or business partners from different parts of the world can use LINE, one of the most interactive, easy to use and popular instant messaging app. This tool can be used for free and comes with several cool features like the possibility to call, send messages, chat with up to 200 contacts from your group at the same time, and more.

LINE: Free Calls & Messages 9.2.2 For Android Comes With New Features And Improvements

Recently, LINE has been updated and the new version, and it is already available to download. Also known as LINE: Free Calls & Messages 9.2.2 for Android 9.2.2, this variant of LINE comes with a few improvements which will soon become the users’ favorite:

  • In case you want to use camera effects, you will find them organized into correspondent tabs;
  • The single-player action from Face Play has received a solo mode, and now the users can get different bonuses when they complete specific missions or reach certain ranks;
  • The account transfer process performed for changing devices has been improved.

These are only a part of LINE’s new features. As every fan knows, the new version can easily be downloaded from the official website and installed on Android devices. The user-friendly interface facilitates the process so that everybody can enjoy the cool benefits of international communication through LINE: Free Calls & Messages 9.2.2 for Android.

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