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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Specs

Much fanfare and excitement trailed the release of Surface Pro 2, and in anticipation, the forthcoming launch of the Pro 3 has generated even more excitement. Hence, to quell your thirst, we’ll be bringing you a short review of what to expect when Surface Pro 3 finally hits the market come June 20, 2019!.

What is Surface Pro 3?

Surface Pro 3 is the third generation of the Surface Book (Ultrabook) brand from Microsoft. It is a dual-purpose tablet; equipped and designed to serve as a tablet and as a laptop. And it widely seen as a convenient alternative to a laptop, basically due to its flexibility.

In addition, Surface Pro 3 will be the largest tablet yet released by Microsoft; donning a 12″ screen display, a larger touchpad and a lighter weight (compared to the Pro 2). Also, it is expected to go on sale, upon launch, starting at $799 (about $100 short of Pro 2’s price)

Essentially, Surface Pro 3 is a game changer, and it would be the most flexible, as well as the biggest tablet to be released by Microsoft, so far.

Would it be worth the hype? We’d get to know in due time!

Features & Benefits of Surface Pro 3

Broader Screen Display

The Pro 3 comes with a 12″ high resolution display (2160 x 1440 IPS), which offers better quality than what is obtainable in the Pro 2. This makes it relatively more convenient to watch HD movies and execute other important functions.

Thinner Body

Surface Pro 3 is only about 0.36″ thick, which is only one micro-inch thicker than Windows RT (0.35″). With this build, it stands thinner enough for a big-sized tablet and thicker enough for a laptop.

Standard Performance

Surface Pro 3 comes with a “Hasswell processor” (with a 1.9GHz Core i5-4300U chip). Also, it is equipped with the standard 4400 graphics (Intel HD) and a RAM of 8GB. With this, it stands toe-to-toe with standard Windows laptops.

Other Features & Benefits

  • Quick Boot (< 10 seconds)
  • N’trig’s Pen Input
  • Lightweight Keyboard
  • Highly Responsive Touchpad
  • Type Cover Keyboard (attachable/detachable)
  • Moderate Battery Life
  • And more


Pro 3 comes in 5 pricing models:

  • Core i3/64GB: $799
  • Core i5/128GB: $999
  • Core i5/256GB: $1299
  • Core i7/256GB: $1549
  • Core i7/512GB: $1949


In a nutshell, Surface Pro 3 is not a direct follow-up to the already-existing Surface Pro 2. However, Surface Pro 3 will be the third tablet product by Microsoft which also doubles as an Ultrabook. While waiting for the device to be made available, you can check out the official Microsoft Surface website for more updates.

What do think about the upcoming Surface Pro 3?

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Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Will Feature an Unexpected Processor

According to the folks at Thurrott, Microsoft has decided to create a couple of new versions of its Surface Pro tablets which are powered by Intel processors. Surface Pro 6 is the latest model that Microsoft offers and it is powered by Intel Core i5 or Core i7. Well, it looks like Microsoft has been inspired by the likes of Apple who launch multiple versions of its iPad Pro because the Windows parent is reportedly getting ready to launch a couple of new Surface Pro models that are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor.

Surface Pro with Qualcomm Processor

Even though Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processors are quite popular with other companies, Microsoft has never shown interested. This might change during the upcoming months because the folks at Thurrott are reporting that the Microsoft has already created a couple of Surface Pro prototype models that are fueled by a Snapdragon processor. Nonetheless, what we can take from this is that ARM-based laptops and tablets are losing their popularity.

Surface Go

We should also mention that Microsoft is rumored to be working on a special tablet called Surface Go. What makes this tablet special is the fact that its being developed specially to compete against Apple’s iPad. Seeing how Microsoft has started using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, we might see the same happening to Surface Go. In addition, Microsoft is probably going to go with the latest Snapdragon 855 octa-core CPU.

A New Design

Since we previously talked about Microsoft’s new Surface Pro models, we want to go over the fact that they are expected to ship with a brand-new design. While we might not have that much official information about the ne Surface Pro designs, we do know that they will feature the much-awaited USB-C Port.

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