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Samsung Teases a New and Mysterious Smartphone

Samsung is working hard on its Galaxy S10 flagship as the device is said to bring the best that current technology has to offer in order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy line.

Several rumors note that the smartphone will offer top-of-the-line features among which we can count a display with no bezels, Qualcomm’s impressive in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, a triple camera system on the back and the speedy 5G standard. It looks like the perfect smartphone but it seems that the Korean giant has another ace up its sleeve, as it recently teased what may be the elusive flexible smartphone that has been in development for quite a while.

The company has previously hinted that it may announce the flexible Samsung Galaxy F in November and what appears to be an intended ‘’leak’, which surfaced during Apple’s recent tech conference, led several sources to believe that the smartphone will be officially unveiled in a few days.

A trademark has been filled in a rather public manner and it implies the existence of a ‘’Samsung Infinity-V’’ display. The ‘’Infinity’’ moniker has been used by Samsung only for those devices that have little no bezels, like the Galaxy S8 and S9.  This leads analysts to believe that Samsung may soon launch a revolutionary smartphone that won’t feature bezels at all, maximizing the screen real-estate while maintaining comfortable proportions in order for the device to fit inside your pocket.

Another covert hint is that the supposed reveal even for the device has been named ‘’the crossroads between the present and the future’’ which is clear hint that Samsung is preparing to announce a futuristic device. In an animated video teaser we can observe a V that unfolds, which can also be interpreted as a clue that leads us to a flexible device.

What is true and what is not remains to be seen in the following weeks.

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