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Android P Beta 3 Installed on Sony Xperia XZ2 Receives Support from Widevine L1

The Beta 3 version of Android is finally here with some interesting changes and new features which differentiate it from the previous version. In order to see how it works, developers decided to run it on several non-Google devices. The Sony Xperia XZ2 is one of them and after previously ”seeing” the Android P Beta 2, these days the smartphone has been updated to the 3rd testing process.

Thanks to these updates, Sony could fix several bugs and even registered some changes. One of them is the unexpected support received from Widevine L1. This means that previous Beta versions of Android P installed on flagship phones prevented the devices from playing Netflix or Amazon Prime videos exceeding 480p.

Now, things are easier. Thanks to Widevine L1 the restriction was removed and you don’t have to have anything enabled in your Sony Xperia XZ2 phone if it runs the Beta 3 version of Android P. Besides this, other changelogs can be noticed by those using this particular type of device.

  • Storage limitations – Users cannot transfer files and don’t have the possibility to create new folders on an external SDcard;
  • When the Airplane mode is enabled and after it is disabled you need to enter the SIM pin;
  • Like we mentioned before, Widevine supports the L1 security level;
  • You can use the camera flash for more than one picture;

With all the improvements, we could still notice some flaws in this version of Android P installed on Sony Xperia XZ2. For example, the camera quality is poor, because its part from the AOSP’s stock. Also, you will need to format the SD card before using it, otherwise it won’t work and cause your phone a boot-loop.

In order to avoid all problems, you should remove the card if you want to use Android P on this Sony Xperia version. Another issue is caused by the fact that, in order to recognize it, you have to fully restart the device when you insert a new SIM.

If you still want to see how Beta 3 version of Android P works on a non-Google phone, download it and start using it.

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